Working With Craft Glue

by E. Robinon
(Detroit, MI)

Question: How do you protect yourself when making jewelry and using craft glue?

When I use craft glue it upsets my stomach and I might get a slight headache.


The easiest way to protect yourself is to try not to inhale the fumes. You can try using a fan to blow the fumes away from you and see if that helps.

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Sit Up Straight Too
by: Anonymous

If you sit up straight (i.e. get your head away from the glue) you should inhale less or wear a mask.

Re: Glue
by: Anonymous

Just adding my 2 bits to the other reply.

Ventilation is the key. As already said, a fan will help move the air/fumes out and away from you.

An open window with a fan pulling the air OUT works best in my opinion as far as using fans go in my humble opinion.

You can also get those paper respirator masks like painter's use for a couple of bucks for a 10-pack. That should last you several years.

You can reuse them until they start to get dirty and you can SEE that happening.

Good luck. ;o)

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