Wire Wrapping Beads

by Lisa
(brisbane australia)

i'm not sure how i can attach a wire wrapped bead without an extra ring.

how do you keep the loop round if you have the chain you are hanging it on already in the loop? do you keep the round nosed pliers in the loop at all times? thanks for any help.

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Wire-Wrap: Connecting Direct
by: rory

This shouldn't be a problem if you make the connecting loop to the point where you would begin the actual wrap, nice and round; then bend the wire a bit (like you would to open a jumpring, *up* instead of *away*), just enough to slide the chain link inside. Bend the loop back (again, like you would a jumpring), and hold the loop cross-wise with your chain nose pliers, instead of from the inside. Complete the wrap. Voila!

A little practice will go a long way, too, in making this sort of connection second nature.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

wire wrapping beads
by: lisa

Hi Christine,
Thank you so much for your reply, I'll try to explain myself a bit better.

If I want to attach a dangle to a chain or closed link without a jump ring, how do I put the loop of the wire wrap straight on to it? I'm quite happy with the shape of my loops (eg; if I'm putting a pearl onto a headpin and making a closed loop at the end), but how do I keep the loop round if I have the link of chain ( that I'm attaching it to) inside the loop? When I look at other people's designs, they seem so perfectly round and are attached straight onto the chain (no jumpring). I hope this is a bit clearer and thanks again for your help.

take care

Attaching a Wire Wrap Bead with a Loop
by: Christine

About attaching a wire wrapped bead with a loop, I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean making a dangle (hangy bit like a pendant) into a link in a chain? Do you have a picture?

And regarding holding the loop, try using flat nose or chain nose pliers and hold the loop flat instead of through the loop with the round nose pliers.

Christine from How-to-make-jewelry

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