Wire Wrapped Pendants: The Agate Journey

by Rose Smith
(Chepstow, Monmouthshire, UK)

Dry head agate gem, wire wrapped in copper wire.

Dry head agate gem, wire wrapped in copper wire.

Dry head agate gem, wire wrapped in copper wire.
Deep blue agate, wire wrapped in silver.
This silver wire wrapped agate is such a dark blue that it's nearly classified as onyx.
Idyllic manganese agate, wire wrapped in a soft gold.

Description: Beautiful agate gems can be transformed into wire wrapped pendants - amazing centerpieces on any necklace. Rose uses wire wrapping in a unique and alluring style, creating some amazing art.

In amongst the crystals and stones my friend handed me were some sliced agates. I had last seen this type of Agate done as a hanging in a store in Old Town, Celebration, Florida, so I was surprised that you could actually wrap it.

Again, a challenge, but don't you love them?

I used a variety of coloured craft wire and a myriad of techniques to bring forth the beauty of the agate itself. Needless to say, I have many more to work on... This simple stone is so underrated in its beauty.

Just handle one and make it into a piece of jewelry and you will feel the energy it gives. A welcome jewel, I feel it can balance anyone in the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual areas of their lives.

It also helps to strengthen and enlighten. I work as a spiritual medium along with making jewelry, so I do tend to go off of the energies I perceive when working with crystals/stones.

Of course, these are my beliefs and opinions, so please don't be offended by them.

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by: Mara South Africa

Browsing after a heavy week, here I happen on inspiration: this beautiful agate wrapping. I wrap our local semi-precious stones too, but this is different and clever - and the wire-wrapping of the actual wrapping wire (and that slider) is a great idea. Thanks for giving me more ideas to expand my own creations. Happy wrapping from RSA

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