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Attention Beginner and Intermediate Wire Workers and Jewelry Makers:

"How To Make Perfect Wire Loops
(and Other Wire Secrets the Books and Magazines Aren't Telling You)"

"What the heck is wrong with this wire?  Is it just me?"

Common thoughts by wire workers and other jewelry makers (maybe even you):
  • "The instructions seem easy, but they must be leaving something out!"

  • "Why doesn't my jewelry project turn out like the picture?"

  • "It says just to close them up.  But how do you get the jump rings stay closed?"

  • "My finished jewelry looks good, but there are itchy sharp bits." 

  • "My wire keeps tangling up! I have to trash so much wire. This is costing me a fortune!"

  • "I just can't seem to make my loops properly.  And I do it exactly like the instructions tell me!"

"No matter how frustrated you've been in the past, or how much of a beginner you are, I guarantee you'll make effortless, frustration-free Wire Work jewelry.  "Christine Gierer


Christine Gierer

From:Christine Gierer, Jewelry Designer-Maker

Re: Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts, and Troubleshooting Wire Work for Jewelry Makers



"My Story or...

Discover How a Stay-at-Home Mom from Etobicoke , Canada Worked Wonders With Wire - And All Because of Her High Needs Baby (And How You Can Learn Her Secrets) "

I'm a freak.  I admit it it.

I love learning how to make things with a passion that other people just don't "get." When I get the idea that I'm going to figure out how something is done, I am absolutely voraciously obsessed. I run with it like a starving dog who's just found a succulent, juicy, meat covered bone.

So when I started making jewelry about 7 years ago, I just about went crazy.

I took out every book from the library I could get my hands on.  I had the librarian transfer books in from other branches.  I spent hours and hours figuring out every single technique and my tool drawer grew, and grew, and grew.  I attended gem shows.  I subscribed to expensive specialty magazines and joined a crafter's book club so I could buy jewelry books in bulk.

And don't get me started on the beads!  I started amassing a huge stash of beads. Big beads.  Tiny little beads.  Glass beads and metal beads.  I started making my own beads!  (Who knew that beads could grow into a whole roomful of tools, machines, and materials?)

You might be wondering, why jewelry?  Why not quilting, spinning, sewing, or embroidery?  Why not woodworking or candle making, or painting or chalk pastels?  What about sock knitting or crocheted sweaters?  (Yes, all of these have been avid activities of mine over the years!)

Well, it's a funny reason, really, but I really stuck with jewelry making because of my first baby Zoe. I was 29 and my husband and I felt strongly that I should be at home when our kids were small. I was a mental health worker at the time, and I wasn't making a lot of money, so that made the decision a lot easier than if I was working in some high powered career making a really good living!

So long story short, I fell in love with my little baby Zoe. But she was what you might call a "high needs" baby. She cried unless she was being carried. She didn't sleep. She nursed every 15 minutes. And she wouldn't sleep alone. She hated strollers, car seats, and shoes.

"So what's this have to do with wire working? "

Well here was the thing - Between baby Zoe's in-your-face personality, and my anxious new mom mentality, I had very little time for heavy duty hobbies. I could only snatch ten minutes or so at a time. So I started working with wire.  It was compact, I could move it around from place to place, and it didn't require any heavy duty cleanup like painting or any huge area of space like sewing so I could work and pack up lickety split.

From then on my obsession grew. I read Jewelry Artist Magazine and then Step by Step Wire came out.  I surfed the net for wire instructions and discovered that others were out there on the interent pushing the wire envelope.  I tried to figure out their techniques on my bed while Zoe napped beside me. Wire was just starting to become popular and I collected books, researched materials and ordered tools online.

The first pair of earring I ever soldAfter awhile, people started asking me to make things for them. My very first sale (and still my best customer to this day!) was the Early Childhood Education Worker at the local child drop-in center (we have indoor playcentres for babies and preschoolers in our neighborhood).

After that first sale, word started spreading pretty quickly, and I started selling more pieces through word of mouth.  It started to dawn on me that I could buy more sterling silver if I could make a little more side cash so I registered myself as a business, started selling a little online, and I even bought a huge supply of sterling wire in different gauges so that I could sell at a profit on ebay to further fund my expensive new wire addiction.

Meanwhile, my number two, Edgar, came along and I started thinking about how I could stay at home forever. So I decided to put my passion for jewelry making into a long term stay at home mom plan. I knew I didn't want to continue selling physical jewelry online because I got bored way too easily making the same things over and over.

Working In My StudioI really am an experimenter at heart! I try this techniqe, and that technique, trying to figure out better ways to do things.

Slowly I realized that I had a bit of a gift for it.

I figured out ways to work with wire that cut time, and made the quality of my results far more consistent.

So I started teaching people some of my techniques online. I started making a few amateur videos, wrote some articles, and created a website. Before I knew it, I had started to develop a reputation for being able to teach people techniques in a way that made them really easy to understand even for a total beginner.

"Foolproof, Faster and Easier"

Not only that, but - and this is what I'm most proud of! - I started getting feedback from seasoned long term jewelry makers that was absolutely incredible. THEY were telling ME - a self-taught amateur! - that I showed them variations and techniques that were simpler, faster, easier to do than they had ever learned in any class, or seen in any book!

AND, that my tips are absolutely foolproof. They solved technique and execution problems that they'd been having for years!

So after receiving that kind of feedback from people, and after hearing over and over that I should share these with others, I finally got around to writing an e-book. I called it Wire Work Secrets for Jewelry Makers.

"What Is Wire Work Secrets for Jewelry Makers? "

Wire Work Secrets for Jewelry MakersWire Work Secrets for Jewelry Makers is a collection of

  • Step-by-step walthrough of the most commonly used wire techniques

  • Clearly and simply explained systems for effortlessly perfecting your technique

  • Money-saving solutions for cutting down on costly wire waste.

  • Amazingly simple shortcuts to make your creations stronger and more durable.

  • Expert advice on tool-buying and how to use common household items for even more cost savings.

Not only that, but you get serious troubleshooting help for those problems that will plague any wire-worker, no matter how experienced.

"What It's Not"

It's not a project book, so if you're looking for specific projects, you won't find them here.

Instead, you'll find everything you need to know to to get fantastic results from the most basic of jewelry making techniques.  You'll learn to perfect the building blocks of jewelry making so that you can forget about the small things, and let your creativity take over.

"Why the heck would I need a book like this when there is so much already out there?"

With the abundance of books, magazines, websites, classes, and workshops, isn't what you're talking about readily available?

True, there is a lot out there. But isn't it true that you've been trying to follow the techniques and are STILL having trouble making those loops the same size?  Or maybe your loops are perfect but your jump rings keep opening up.  Or, maybe your wire designs keep pulling out of shape.  I could go on and on about the different ways that your wire can turn out "not quite right".

But there's a reason for that.  For some reason the books and magazines don't really go into the nitty gritty of basic technique.  They have some rinky dink illustration at the back of the magazine that's supposed to show you how to make a simple loop.  I guess it's not "sexy" enough to describe exactly how to do these fundamental techniques.

Well you know what?  That illustration is not much help unless you already know what you're doing wrong!  

People buy the magazines for the pretty pictures of finished projects, not for fundamental techniques.  They sell the "sizzle" and not the steak.

I'm not knocking the books and magazines.  I love the gorgeous projects and inspiration too.  But when you're fresh out of the barn you need a little help.

And sometimes, you might think you're doing it perfectly, but there's always something you don't know.  A little tidbit that can cause that "ah-ha" moment.  

As one wise customer told me, "You never know everything.  Even though I've been making and selling jewelry for years, I read everything I can get my hands on.  If I learn one new thing I didn't know before, a book's worth every single penny to  me!" 

"But couldn't I just search the net or get library books and not pay a penny for this information?"

And as for getting this information without paying a penny, sure, I guess you could try to find it for free.  You could get every book from the library and spend hours scouring the net for tidbits that may or may not be available.  And you might even find everything I'm talking about.  But why waste hours and hours of your time trying to find something that may or may not exist when you can get everything in one spot, from someone who's already done the experimenting, the reading, and the "grunt work"?

Isn't your time worth more than anything?

"How Riding a Bike is Like Working With Wire"

Think back to when you learnt how to ride a bicycle.  If you were like most, you learnt when you pretty young.  And at first you struggled didn't you?.  You needed to figure out how to steer and pedal. 

You were slow because you had to concentrate on every action.

But after awhile, it became easier. It started to become second nature.  Eventually you no longer thought about how to steer and pedal.  Before you knew it you were whipping around like a demon, pumping your little legs and making that trike or training bike go! 

Then you graduated to the big leagues- the Two-Wheeler.  That was when the real magic happened.  You learned how to balance on those thin little tires and that was when that bike became an extension of you. 

From then on, you were free. Sure, you fell and scraped your knee a few times but each time you did you learned what that bike could and could not do.  You got to know how far the bike could lean into a turn before you fell over.  You figured out you had to jump a curb straight on or you'd be on your butt.   You learned that you could only go so fast and still stop quickly.

I bet you do it so naturally now that you never even think about it anymore.  What the bike can and can't do.  Now, you just enjoy the wind whipping against your body and the invigorating feel of your leg muscles pumping the pedals.  You enjoy the ride.

It's the same with learning wire techniques.  Once you practice and learn the techniques, it becomes second nature and you can concentrate on design and aesthetics. 

And you know what to do when things aren't turning out the way you envisioned because you "know" what the wire can and can't do.

"Shortcutting the Learning Curve"

If you were lucky, when you were learning to ride a bike you had a someone older and wiser to help you learn some of these things.  (This is real fresh in my mind because my girl Zoe is six and I'm the one helping her not to kill herself!). 

You probably had someone who yelled when you started going too fast, and told you what you did wrong when tried tried to turn a corner and fell over.

And if you had no one, you probably took a LOT longer to "get" it.

"Learn the Fundamentals So They Become Second Nature - So You Just Enjoy the Ride "

And that's what you get with Wire Work Secrets.  Complex and confusing wire problems magically become super simple - even if you've had a ton of trouble understanding other people.

You learn the lessons that are skipped over in other books and magazines and videos. You learn the fundamentals so well that you don't have to think about them anymore. And because you don't need to worry about "how" to do what you do, you magically unleash your creativity.  After Wire Work Secrets, you just "enjoy the ride".


"Here's What's In Wire Work Secrets For Jewelry Makers "

Based On Hundred Of Questions Gathered From Passionate Hobbyists Looking For Solutions To Wire Frustrations.

Let's get down to some specifics. Some of what you'll discover in this groundbreaking reference guide:

*This is just a taste - read further for the complete table of contents

  • How to make jump rings stay closed

    The simple 2 second technique that will make your jump rings twice as strong and twice as secure.

  • How to make consistently sized wrapped loops.

    You''ll learn how to use a common office supply store buy to make your loops the exact same size every single time (Psst. hint: It involves using the common "Sharpie" or indelible marker.  After learning this simple trick you'll agree this is the pro designer's best friend).
  • How to make soft wire hold it's shape

    Find out how to use a household tool you have in your house or apartment right now to instantly improve the strength of your loops - and in seconds!
  • How to make your own jump rings

    The step by step foolproof coiling and cutting techniques to make your own custom matched jumprings. (These really set your designs apart!)

"Also Inside: Money-Saving Tips... "

  • How to throw away less wire:

    For Wire Wrappers: If you've tried your hand at wire-wrapping you know that a lot of your thinner gauge wire ends up in the trash. Learn how to wrap wire without it ever tangling into a horrible mess.

    For Wire Workers: If you've ever followed instructions in a book or magazine you know you end up with a lot of snipped ends. Learn how to avoid all those little snips of wire. The costs really add up with sterling silver or gold-filled. But not for you anymore!
  • How to prevent the dings, dents, and scratches on your wire - a must-know if you ever plan on giving your handmade jewelry as a gift or sell it.

    Those dents and dings on your precious metal wire and scratches on your colored wire are almost impossible to avoid. But not if you follow the tips in Wire Work Secrets.

    Learn the #1 reason your wire gets dented and dinged and why your colored wire gets scratched- and the simple rules you need to follow to avoid the problem in the first place.
  • How to save oodles of money on expensive tools.

    Learn what tools NOT to buy, which to spend money on, and which ones you can skimp on and get the cheapies. And what you household objects you can use instead.

Buy Now


"Wire Work Secrets : What You'll Receive: "

Here's what you get in this information rich e-book:

"The Wire Work Secrets E-book
(32 pages jam-packed with closeup photos) "

Wire WorkSecrets click to order

"Table of Contents"

"Section #1 contains illustrations of all the techniques."

  1. The Right Way to Open a Loop or Jump Ring: The Push-Pull Technique 
  2. Closing Jump Rings
  3. Conditioning Jump Rings  
  4. The Wiggle Technique For Jump Rings
  5. Technique:  How to make a Simple loop
  6. Technique: How to Make a Wrapped Loop
  7. Technique: The Perfect Coil
  8. Handcutting method of Making Jump Rings        
  9. Advanced Jump Ring Cutting Techniques      

    • Sawcutting Method #1:
    • Sawcutting Method #2:

"Section #2 Is filled with tips, tricks and techniques to take your jewelry making to the next level "

  1. Wire Cutting Tips&
  2. Filing and Smoothing Tips
  3. Gauge Tips  
  4. Hammering and Hardening Tips
  5. Tips to Avoid Kinking     
  6. Tips for Perfect loops:   
  7. Tips for Shaping Wire    
  8. Tips for Straightening Wire         
  9. Tool Tips             
  10. Wire Wrapping tips: How to Start a New Length of Wire
  11. Wire Wrapping tips: How to Hide Wire Ends
  12. Miscellaneous tips

"Section #3 Troubleshooting Your Wire Problems "

Easily solve your most frustrating problems

  1. Troubleshooting Jump Ring Problems    
  2. Troubleshooting Homemade Jump Rings             
  3. Troubleshooting Your Simple Loops        
  4. Troubleshooting Wire Wrapping              
  5. Troubleshooting Other Wire Problems  

"Section #4 : Frequently Asked Questions "

Discover the answers to real questions from real people like you.

These questions are compiled from coaching sessions from previous customers.

Overview of question topics:  

  • Flush cutters to cut jump rings. 
  • What kind of saw to buy to cut wire.
  • Do the ends of the jump rings have to be positioned just that fraction of an inch past each other? 
  • Jump ring opening tools.
  • Closed jump rings.
  • Jumpring shopping tips.

 Customer Feedback - Alesha Conklin

"Thank you for making me look good!"

"My favorite tip was to use split rings for bracelets. I did that with all the ones I made during the holidays and felt really confident that those bracelets were going to hold up!

Thank you for making me look good!""

Alesha Conklin,
Haines City, Florida


Download Wire Work Secrets Now


"Time Sensitive Bonus Offer"

For a limited time only, get these bonuses FREE with your purchase. 

To get these bonuses free, you need to act now. These will soon be offered as a separate product so if you want these, but don't want to pay extra for them, you should really act now. 

  I can't guarantee these will still be free when you come back.  So don't miss out!


"The Wire Work Audio Q and A Coaching Session: "

audio girlThis 45 minute audio coaching session answered questions from a people just like you - people who purchased Wire Work Secrets and wanted more.  They asked me questions, and I answered them.  (I'm told this is even better than the e-book itself!)

Revealed on this Audio:

  • Why different metals behave so differently and how to chose between copper, silver, brass, nickel silver, and gold.
  • Why some findings snap so easily and how to avoid this
  • How to choose between dead soft, half hard, and full hard
  • Why copper wire won't harden as much as other metals and what to do about it
  • How to cut wire that is too thick for your cutters
  • Even more tool mark avoiding tips!

You can play this on your computer, or download it for loading into your Mp3 player

(You'll also get an accompanying pdf with printable notes.)


 Customer Feedback - Alesha Conklin

"That audio of the Q&A was perfect!"

"Christine, You are just the greatest! 

That audio of the Q&A was perfect! You answered every question I asked, and that was so helpful to me. (I'll probably be listening again, to make sure I didn't miss anything.) 

Thanks for making your time and expertise available to us. I appreciate it so much. 

Alesha Conklin,
Haines City, Florida



"Christine's Personal Hot Suppliers Resource List "

Member's Only Online Resources.  The ones I personally use myself - so you can be sure they're a good value for the money (I LOVE bargains and actually feel sick to my stomach if I feel like I'm paying too much) and they have great service.

This resource list reveals:

  • Which suppliers I personally use and whether they are right for you too.
  • What I purchase from them and what I get a better deal on elsewhere
  • Where to get the hard-to-find jeweler's tools at the fairest price
  • Best of breed chain maille jump ring sources

  • The best wire suppliers in Canada and the U.S. for price and service

Order now and get these free bonuses


Drastically improving your wire work jewelry could not get any easier..

"A Class or Workshop Costs between $40 and $360"

This won't cost you anywhere close.  And I guarantee you'll learn much more!

For a Limited Time, Wire Work Secrets For Jewelry is recession-friendly priced at only $27 ($USD).

$27 is nothing compared to what an expensive class would cost (and you wouldn't learn as much). 

Not only is this an unbelievable value, but your purchase is absolutely guaranteed....

"My No Questions Asked 56 Day Guarantee"

I'm never satisfied unless you are more than satisfied. So here's my simple “No Small Print” guarantee. Try Wire Work Secrets for Jewelry Makers today and put it through the ringer. Use every strategy and technique as many times as you'd like for 56 days.

You be the judge. If this e-book doesn't deliver everything I've promised, or if you're unhappy with it for any reason, just return it and I'll immediately buy it back for the original purchase price.

I have no problem making this iron-clad guarantee because I personally use these pro tips and techniques so I know they work. Fair enough?


Yes!  Christine, I want to start learning now.   Please tell me how to get immediate access to Wire Work Secrets for Jewelry Makers. I understand I can access this digital download anytime of the day or night - even at 2 a.m.


"Customer Feedback"

 Customer Feedback - Sarah Jane Shoreham

"I work in wire all the time but I learned some really excellent tips I've never heard before."

"Christine- Thanks for taking the time out of your busy mom day to share your jewelry making expertise. I work in wire all the time but I learned some really excellent tips I've never heard before.

And breaking the neck - that entirely solved my loop problem- I was always having to adjust loops after the fact, but your simple trick makes me just want to smack myself in the forehead.

It was so simple, but nobody (and I have about 200 books and magazines) has never shown me that one trick that makes all the difference."

Sarah Jane Shoreham,
Manchester, U.K.

 Customer Feedback - Janet Davis

"I plan to use the book in my wire work classes and direct my students to your website to purchase their own copies"

"Hi Christine -- You have written a really good wire working book. I have done a lot of wire wrapping in my day (self-taught, lots of mistakes at first). I have also cut my own jump rings using the saw and the jump ringer. Your advice on cutting with the saw is right on the mark.

You have a great website and I look forward to your newsletters.

I plan to use the book in my wire work classes and direct my students to your website to purchase their own copies."


Janet Davis, Wire Jewelry Instructor,
Forestville, Maryland, U.S.A.

 Customer Feedback - Alesha Conklin

"Just this past week, I started working on making the links that you showed us. I used the 18 gauge copper wire in approximately 7/8 inch pieces. It turned out beautifully."

alesha's necklace"Just this past week, I started working on making the links that you showed us. I used the 18 gauge copper wire in approximately 7/8 inch pieces. 

It turned out beautifully.  I added moukaite (which is a new gem to me, but it is very pretty) and some glass beads and I wore it yesterday to church. I thought you'd like to see it. Thanks again!"

Alesha Conklin,
Haines City, Florida


 Customer Feedback - Angela, Myrtle Beach

One of my most aggravating tasks now has some simple solutions!

[Re: The Jump Ring Information]

"I thought that it was great information, I like the format, very simple and to the point.

Thank you! One of my most aggravating tasks now has some simple solutions!"

Myrtle Beach, SC, U.S.A.

Buy Now


 Customer Feedback - Alesha Conklin

"I'm recommending [your e-book] to my friends."

"I'm recommending [your e-book] to my friends!

Here's why: It will save them money by telling them what to spend their money on at the beginning. It will help them start out doing really quality work, rather than offering up pieces that are not really well made (which is how I feel about some of my earlier pieces.)"

Alesha Conklin,
Haines City, Florida


 Customer Feedback - Barb, Florida, U.S.A.

"Everything you want to know, stated succinctly-enough info to make practical use of."

~Barb, Florida, U.S.A.


 Customer Feedback - Barb, Florida, U.S.A.

"I should send you my first necklace I made because without you I'd still be stumbling along!!!"

"You know I should send you my first necklace I made because without you I'd still be stumbling along!!!  Thank you for all the wonderful help you have given me."

Debi, U.S.A.

YES! Christine, I can't wait to get Wire Work Secrets for Jewelry Makers.

 "Five Good Reasons To Buy"

Reason Number One: I'll shortcut my learning curve and unleash creativity by learning the basic techniques step by step - and more thoroughly than I'll find in any other book or magazine.

Reason Number Two:  I'll be able to make any project in any magazine or book because I'll know exactly what they're talking about - even if there are no pictures.

Reason Number Three: I'll be able to troubleshoot any problem I come across - even if I'm designing your own jewelry.

Reason Number Four: I'll know exactly which gauge of wire and which type of metal will suit your project best because I'll have all the reference material I need to make an informed decision.

Reason Number Five: I'll save money by knowing which tools to buy and how to get the most out of a length of wire.  Less wasted money and less wasted wire!


I understand that for a one-time payment of only $47.00 $27.00 I'll receive:Wire WorkSecrets click to order

  • The 32 page photo rich Wire Work Secrets E-book with the techniques, tips, troubleshooting, and frequently asked questions and answers that will turbocharge my learning curve and make my life so much easier.   
  • The Limited Time Bonus Wire Work Audio Question and Answer Coaching Session.  This audio answers even more questions including ones about choosing different metals, cutting heavier gauge wire, and my own g.a.u.ge. system for choosing the perfect wire.
  • The Limited Time Bonus: Christine's Personal Hot Suppliers List - my personal resource list of best places to find tools and supplies at the best prices in the U.S. and Canada.

To access Wire Work Secrets for Jewelry Makers in the next 5 minutes, even if it's 2 A.M, click the add to cart button below:

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Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.
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P.S. - Remember - your purchase is fully guaranteed. You have 56 days to review Wire Work Secrets and see if it helps you. If not, your money will be fully refunded.  I am just so certain that it will dramatically improve your jewelry making and lower your frustration level with it just as it has for so many others. 

Christine Gierer



 Customer Feedback - Jan Sylvester

"My jewelry quality is 500% better since I started using your wire tips!"

"Hi Christine!  I really do love the book. I really enjoy your easy conversational style, and your tips have really hit the mark.

Are you a mind reader? Between your book, your newsletter, and your website, you always seem to have the answers to whatever I'm struggling with at the time.

My jewelry quality is 500% better since I started using your wire tips!"

Jan Sylvester,
St. Clair Shores, MI, U.S.A.

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