Wire Work Secrets For Jewelry Makers

Table of Contents

Section #1 contains illustrations of all the techniques.

  1. The Right Way to Open a Loop or Jump Ring: The Push-Pull Technique 
  2. Closing Jump Rings
  3. Conditioning Jump Rings              
  4. The Wiggle Technique For Jump Rings
  5. Technique:  How to make a Simple loop
  6. Technique: How to Make a Wrapped Loop  
  7. Technique: The Perfect Coil
  8. Handcutting method of Making Jump Rings        
  9. Advanced Jump Ring Cutting Techniques      
    • Sawcutting Method #1:
    • Sawcutting Method #2:

Section #2 Is filled with tips, tricks and techniques to take your jewelry making to the next level

  1. Wire Cutting Tips             
  2. Filing and Smoothing Tips        
  3. Gauge Tips         
  4. Hammering and Hardening Tips
  5. Tips to Avoid Kinking     
  6. Tips for Perfect loops:   
  7. Tips for Shaping Wire    
  8. Tips for Straightening Wire         
  9. Tool Tips             
  10. Wire Wrapping tips: How to Start a New Length of Wire
  11. Wire Wrapping tips: How to Hide Wire Ends
  12. Miscellaneous tips

Section #3 Is all about troubleshooting any problems you might run into.

Chances are you will not have a problem that cannot be easily solved by this section!

  1. Troubleshooting Jump Ring Problems    
  2. Troubleshooting Homemade Jump Rings             
  3. Troubleshooting Your Simple Loops        
  4. Troubleshooting Wire Wrapping              
  5. Troubleshooting Other Wire Problems  

Section #4 Is a compilation of frequently asked questions

Discover the answers to real questions from real people like you.  There are questions about:

  • Flush cutters to cut jump rings. 
  • What kind of saw to buy to cut wire.
  • Do the ends of the jump rings have to be positioned just that fraction of an inch past each other? 
  • Jump ring opening tools.
  • Closed jump rings.
  • Jumpring shopping tips.



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