Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

by Shirl

Hi, I am attempting to make and sale jewelry but find it quite expensive to purchase supplies retail and make a good profit.

Does anyone know of good wholesale suppliers?
Thank you in advance.

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Look For "Real" Wholesalers
by: Sharon Fullen

As a jewelry artist transitioning from buying for a hobby to purchasing raw materials for manufacturing, you should seek out legitimate wholesalers.

Many are listed in the popular bead, jewelry art and designer magazines and will say "wholesale only."

Searching via the web typically means you'll be sorting through tons of companies that are not actually wholesalers but it can be done.

Another method in finding wholesalers would be to obtain bead show guides from the show management.

You'll need to have a business license and a wholesale/resale # from your state.

If the company doesn't ask for resale/tax exemption information - then they are not an actual wholesaler but merely trying to convince you that you are getting a B2B wholesale price.

Wholesalers will have purchasing minimums typically $100 and up because their margins aren't as high as with a retailer.

Some wholesalers have $500 plus minimums so you might think about establishing a buying group with other local jewelry artists to keep your costs low.

Avoid companies (especially on Ebay) that seem to be offering great low prices but have excessive shipping/handling fees.

Remember, it is your "delivered" cost that you should be concerned with. Read the fine print as I learned the hard way!

Fire Mountain Gems can be a good source but unless you have a 200 unit minimum order - you are actually just buying retail with a discount structure.

I purchase wire and other items at wholesale through Halstead Beads of Arizona and would recommend them for many items. They have a low minimum purchase.

Keeping your material costs down means you'll hit your profit goals much easier.

Best of luck,

Sharon Fullen
Rose of Sharon Jewelry

by: dragonfly

Thanks Spark,

I am also from Canada and have been looking for bead wholesalers. The artbeads.com site looks great.

Another site i have looked at is beadfx.com/index.html

Check it out. Its Canadian.

Hope this was helpful as well.


by: Anonymous

I get mine on bonanzle.com

Wholesale Supplies
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the great tips and I will be sure to check them out.


Re: Wholesale Jewelry Supplies
by: Spark

I've shopped around A LOT online (since as you say, retail is disgustingly expensive) and I've found lots of good places.

Firemountain gems.com is great, and has a HUGE amount of EVERYTHING from glass on up to VERY expensive handmade pendants etc. Their shipping is reasonable (but not cheap). I get my beads from them.

For silver and gold fill, I tend to use riogrande.com , who I like because they change their metal prices based on daily prices (which is REALLY low right now).

Artbeads.com is great because they have $1 shipping to Canada (where I am) and free shipping to the states.
So, although their gem prices are slightly higher than Firemountain, if I only need a couple of things, their shipping rates make it worth.

I hope this helps.

by: Anonymous

If you would like you could check my Jewelry Supply Shop at Supplylounge.etsy.com

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