What To Use To Put Initials On Seashell Necklaces?

by Sharon Owens
(High Point, NC)

What kind of machine do you use to put initials on Shell Pendants? It's kinda like engraving but it's not. It may be something you hook up to a computer, but I am not sure.

Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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Putting Initials On Shell
by: Anonymous

Drilling shells can be quite a chore because they are so fragile. If I were you, I would stamp the initial and then put a protective coating over the shell to protect the initial.

Tool for Inscribing Shells
by: Anonymous

I have heard that you can use a dremel and use a diamond bit to carve or inscribe a shell, glass or anything of that nature. You can find dremel's at any hardware store (i.e. Lowes, Home Depot). My husband has a Dremel 4000 and that baby is bad to the bone!

The diamond bits for carving and inscribing can be found at this website:
DiamondBurs.net. If you are unsure of what bit to purchase they have a link that will help you. Just make sure that you are looking at the glass drill bits.

There are also several books you can order on Amazon.com that are very informative.

Hope this helps!

Carving Brittle Materials
by: Rachael

I have done alot of carving in bone, Shell, glass and various other surfaces. I use a small rechargable tool called a mini hobby engraver.

You can find them at most hardware stores. As they are designed for delicate work. They are reasonably inexpensive and most come with various tips.

For the shell I have found that the diamond tips are the best. Just remember the more pressure up placed, the more likely you are to have breakages.

Also when engraving take a break every 5 minutes or your hand will feel like it is still vibrating for at lease an hour after.

Thanks and I hope this helps.

Precaution With Shells
by: Brenda

You MUST were a mask when drilling or engraving on shells for some (I don't know which ones) give off a poisonous gas when doing this.

Etching Is Fast And Easy
by: Anonymous

Simply paint the parts you want to keep with nail polish and put the shell in vinegar after drying.
It will immediately start to sizzle.

You have to check when the desired deepness of the etching is reached and wash the shell with pure water immediately.

After that rub it with wet baking soda to neutralize any leftover acid. Wash with water again and then peel the varnish off.

If peeling is not possible drop the shell in acetone or any cheap uncolored nail-varnish-remover.

You can also use wax or adhesive foils for covering instead of varnish. The key to good results is experimenting!

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