What is Best Way to Securely Crimp?

by Colleen Collins
(Brooklin, Ontario Canada)

What is the best way to crimp a piece of jewelry so that it does not come apart and is very secure.

After I completed a mother's bracelet, I lifted it and ALL the beads fell off!! I had to re-string them all over again!

Very frustrating to say the least!

I did use my crimping tool (of course), assumed it was tight and done properly..I guess not!

Please help? Thank you!

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Secure Crimping
by: Rhonda


There are different sizes of crimp beads, crimp tubes and crimping pliers.

Maybe you need to adjust the size of any of the above.

For instance, the 21 strand beading wire that I use most is .019" in diameter and requires crimp tube #2 (2mm x 2mm) and then I use a 3 mm crimp cover. I use micro crimp pliers with the tube, but they recommend a standard crimp. I find the micro works better for me.

Then, I crimp the crimp cover with my needle nose pliers. I carefully pick up the cover with the open side out and and place in over the crimped tube and gently close. If you over do it, it will be dented.

Then, if it still isn't quite closed on the back, I will gently adjust it by turning it over and squeezing it a little more.

Also, you might test by lifting up just the end. Your problem almost sounds like you didn't get the crimp tube on tight enough.

I always check that before I even try to cover it. Hope this helps!

The Best Way to Crimp is...
by: Christine Gierer

For extra security, I like to double crimp anything I make. You can certainly single crimp if you'd like to.

From: How to String Beads


What is Best Way to Securely Crimp?
by: Michelle

Oh I can sooo relate!!!

So I gave up on the ol' crimping tool and went back to the old school Chain Nose pliers. If I am using heavy stones I use a little glue and then always a crimp cover.

Your not alone out there, I understand your pain, but knock on wood...so far so good :)

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