What Is A Knotting Board?

by Pat


What is a knotting board and do I need one?

Thanks so very much.


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Knotting Board
by: Anonymous

I have been toying with macrame' knots to make choker hemp necklaces and I have used a clipboard as a knotting board and it has worked so far.

Knotting Board
by: Rachael

Knotting boards are great for detailed Macrame. I would not personally use one I do macrame the old fashioned way.

Unless you really want to get in to detailed thread work then you will not need this. Just depends on what you are doing as to whether you need one or not. Hope this helps.

What Are Knot Boards And Uses
by: Marilyn Ray Knopic


Many many years ago I dabbled in Macrame. I made wall hangings, suspended tables and plant hangers. So if you are going to be learning how to macrame then yes, you would need a knotting board.

It is just a simple board like a foam-board or heavy corrugated cardboard that would be strong and sturdy enough to hold your project with T-pins so you are able to get your knots tight (like in crochet, which I used to do also where tight is more like an even tension with the rope you would be using) and formed nicely.

Most knots you will use in macrame are your square knots, and double half hitches. I hope this helps you and anyone else who would want to take up the craft.

Much Success to All!

Knotting Board
by: Tammy


A Knotting Board is a board that has slashes in it to hold your cords when doing Macrame. It makes it lots easier to do the knots and hold your cords for you.

If you are doing Macrame it is a handy tool to have. For beading and wire working it isn't really necessary.

Hope this helps. I'm a beader and wire wrapper so this isn't a really detailed answer that you'd get from someone that does macrame.


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