What Are The No-No's Of Tumbling?

by Linda
(Texas, USA)

How can I know what I can put in the tumbler and with what tumbling material for a particular stone or metal?

I need to know what I can clean in the tumbler.

I would like to do lapidary work, but the materials seem expensive to wash down the drain every time.

Also, I have a diamond tester, can I use it to find out the Mohs hardness of a stone and go from there?

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Tumbling Metal
by: Christine Gierer ~admin

I use my tumbler mostly for polishing and hardening sterling silver and copper jewelry and findings.

I use stainless steel shot (reusable) with water and a squirt or 2 of dish soap.

I put the jewelry in and tumble for about an hour or two, then use a colander to strain everything.

If everything turns gray (I'm usually tumbling Liver of Sulfer (LOS) patina'd silver) then I do it again with fresh water and soap.

I know from experience that most stones in my jewelry come out of the tumbler just fine.

Don't do pearls and don't do Honey jade. Honey jade turns grayish.

Anyone else notice a change in particular stones? Maybe we can get a list of tumbling no-no stones going.

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