What Am I Doing Wrong Wtih My Candy Stripe Bracelet?

by Maya Arnold
(Eden Prairie, US)

My Candy Stripe Bracelet

My Candy Stripe Bracelet

I'm trying the candy stripe bracelet for the first time and i don't think it is turning out right.

Could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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Candy Stripe Bracelet Help
by: Christine

It's hard to tell from your picture whether you are doing something wrong or not.

Why don't you do a few rows, then see if it makes more sense?

I always have to try something for awhile before I really understand the instructions. And yes, you might have to start over a few times, but that's how we all learn at first.

Good luck!

What do you think is wrong?
by: Emily

What is going wrong with the bracelet? Is it the way the knots look, or the pattern, or something else...?
Some tips that could come in handy:
- Always to double knots
- If the bracelet curls, you can gently iron it
- Do the stripes diagonally with the knots facing downwards in a line.
- On the other side or the bracelet, the knots should look like two loops going around string/
- Make sure you can't see the string that you are tying the knot round.

Hope one of these tips has helped!

You need to show me the problem...
by: Christine ~how-to-make-jewelry.com

You aren't giving me enough to help you. From the picture, it looks like what you are doing wrong is that you aren't making any knots....

I know that's not the problem right?


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