Turquoise Jewelry

by Gale Davis
(Grand Blanc, MI USA)

Turquoise at the Market

Turquoise at the Market

Turquoise is always a favorite and I thought I would take it to another level with this set. JG-Just Gale

Turquoise Jewelry Facts

Some interesting facts about turquoise jewelry include the fact that the region where the stone is mined impacts the color.

Coloration can vary from shades of green to sky blue, depending on where the stones formed over time.

Turquoise can be found all over the world in places like Mexico, China and Tibet. These countries are also the largest producers of the turquoise mineral. They are also believed to provide the most turquoise on the market today. However, the varieties found in the United States remains some of the most popular and cherished turquoise on the market.

The much sought-after American turquoise comes primarily from mines in the American Southwest. The Kingman Turquoise mine in Arizona produces stones that vary in color from shades of blue to brown and green.

The Sleeping Beauty mine, also in Arizona, is famous for its vibrant, sky blue turquoise stones. There are other, smaller mines throughout the Southwest, but these mines don’t produce large amounts of turquoise.

Turquoise gets its coloration from the minerals where it is found. Sleeping Beauty turquoise is blue because of higher levels of copper. Green turquoise forms where there is more iron in the ground.

Today, although turquoise is found all over the world, the varieties found in the United States remain some of the most popular and cherished turquoise on the market.

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