Turning A Button Into A Pendant?

by Becky

How can a large button be turned into a pendant to wear on a pearl necklace?

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Where Is This Article?
by: Anonymous

I don't see this article, would love to know how to turn a button into a pendant

Turning A Button Into A Pendant
by: SarahAsh

First, if your button has a shank, remove it. They make cutters especially for cutting shanks off buttons. Be careful, the piece will fly out guaranteed.

After cutting the shank off, use some sandpaper to get rid of the rough edges.

To attach the button, consider buying a bale. A bale is essentially a metal piece that is glued on to the back of a solid item so it can hang. Lightly sand both the area of the bale to be glued and the area on the back of the button where the bale will be attached to create some tooth for the glue. You can use Hypo-Cement jewelry glue.

Alternatively, you can buy a metal disk. They come in all sorts of shapes. Buy one that has a jumpring or jumprings already attached.

Lightly sand, glue. Unlike a bale, a disk can be
used as a link in a necklace or bracelet if it has a jumpring on either side.

Additionally, it will cover the back of the button if you need it covered.

One thing to think about with buttons is what to do with the holes (for a button without a shank). You can glue a small nail head or cabochon on top, a small charm, or add a tiny bit of ribbon. It will make the piece look more finished.

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