Tumbling parawire?

I would like to use silver-over-copper parawire to make some of my chain maille projects for cost saving. I usually tumble finished solid sterling or copper pieces to remove nicks and sharp edges. Can I do this with parawire without removing or damaging the non-tarnish coating?

Any one with experience tumbling parawire out there?

Thanks, Joan

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Tumble With Rice
by: Anonymous

I tumble parawire, frequently, first using dry rice for about 6-8 hours,to harden the metal, and then water with a small squirt of dishwashing liquid to polish of any rough edges and shine the piece, for about 6 hours.

I've never had a problem with the finish.

Tumbling Coated Wire
by: Anthony

Hi there -

I tumble all my chain maille items, whether I use anodized aluminum or coated copper wire.

I tumble mine for 15-30 minutes with stainless steel shot. I never have issues with the coloring coming off. The only wire I have experience coating coming off is Silver Artistic Wire. It is the clear coating that comes off, not the coloring.

When I use it (I don't much anymore), I just removed the coating. I switched to Beadalon's silver-plated wire (no coating and shines very well in the tumbler) for the silver in my designs.


My Experience Tumbling Parawire
by: Anonymous

I have a report on tumbling parawire: tumbling with steel shot does take the coating off.

Also, if you tumble too much the silver plating comes off as well. However, the good news is that when the silver plating starts coming off it creates a really funky, attractive mix of lightly silvered copper!

This tumble-created finish cries out for use in steam punk chains, and it also looks great worn with brown.

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