Trying Something New

by Kelly Dutcher
(Northridge, USA)

Delicate Chain Maille Necklace

Delicate Chain Maille Necklace

Delicate Chain Maille Necklace
My Original Beading -Would Love Suggestions

Up until recently I have stuck to basic beading style of jewelry and I've had very good luck selling it, I owe most of the credit to the gorgeous stones I used, because I suppose there wasn't anything particularly original about them. Beads on a string, right. Only so many ways to change it up.

So I wanted to try something new. I started experimenting with chain maille.

I tried a few things in a basic sheet style (imagine armor) and found it to be terribly time consuming, not to mention it took thousands of rings.

So I thought I would try to come up with something a little less time intensive and it might also appeal to an audience to include more than just the folks on their way to the Renaissance Fair.

I started with a pattern referred to as "the butterfly, but expanded it to, I guess you could call it a "double butterfly".

Then worked off of the basic chain adding a scallop to give it a touch of symetry to a v-neck neckline and adding some dangles to give it a little less of a Medieval feel and a touch more of a Victorian feel. Would love some feedback.

Gonna post a picsture of one of my original simple beaded pieces too. Would love suggestions on how I might make them a little more unique. I still have so many supplies.

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