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Tree Of Life Pendant

Wire Work Tutorial

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Check out this gorgeous and intricate Tree of Life pendant tutorial from Bead Studio . It's an intermediate level project so not one for a beginner, but something to definitely work towards.

I bet you know someone who'd LOVE this for a gift!



Level: Intermediate


tree of life image

  • One 6mm Soldered Ring
  • 4″ 16g Sterling Wire
  • 3ft 24g Soft Sterling Wire – cut into four 9″ pieces
  • Assorted Gemstones chips – in leaf colors


  • 1″ diameter Dowel or Pipe
  • Wire Cutter
  • Chain-Nose Pliers

Step 1 – Using the dowel or pipe as your form, bend the 16g wire around and cut to create a complete circle


Step 2 – Slide the 6mm soldered ring onto the loop you create with the heavier wire.


Step 3 – Anchor the 4 pieces of 24g wire to the bottom of the loop by wrapping several time around. (This will also hide ends where they meet on the wire frame.)

tree of life tutorial image


Step 4 – Twist the wires together to create a trunk. This should be about 1/2″ or half the diameter of the circle.

tree of life image

Step 5
– Add the stone chips to the wires and weave* them to create the branches.

tree of life image

Create a small loop at then end of each wire after the chips so they don’t fall off.

tree of life image

*You can simply cross the beaded wires to create fullness.

Step 6 – Wrap the end of the wire around the frame to anchor. Make sure you capture the soldered ring in the center as you do this so your pendant hangs properly.

Step 7 – Trim the ends and tuck down into the direction of the wire.

The finished wire work pendant:



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