The Best Way to Strand Seed Beads?

by Colleen

What is the best way to strand seed beads? I usually strand them one at a time. Is there a faster way?

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Stringing Beeds
by: Anonymous

Maybe you could do this by using a thin needle on the beginning of the string.

That's what I do if there isn't a specific pattern. As it is much easier. Hope this helps.

The Best Way to String Seed Beads...
by: Anonymous

I don't use seed beads often, but I bought a Seed Bead Spinner and it is pretty cool. I think it was cheap too. I found a YouTube video that shows how to use one.

How to Use a Bead Spinner

Hope that helps!

Simply Stacy Jewelry

Make Your Own Bead Spinner
by: Tammt

You can also make your own bead spinner. I've been using mine and it works just as well as the expensive store brands and it's "green" too.

Kimberly Chapman has a great tutorial on how to make one. Here's the link - Make Your Own Bead Spinner

You can also use it for patterns of pictures that have lots of a single color.

You load with it and count out the number you need instead of adding 1 at a time. It goes faster for the colors that need more beads.

Have fun.
Happy beading.

The Alternative.
by: Dani

If you have seed beads that come with a strand, you can work from it without taking the beads out one by one.

But the bead spinner is still the best, it takes a bit of getting used to. Once you do you will be making necklaces in minutes not in hours.

Please let us how you get on, pictures will be nice too.

Stringing Seed Beads
by: Anonymous

There really is no other way. I mean I can string beads with a needle and put a whole bunch on the needle at a time. Hope this helps.

String Directly From The Strand
by: Florida Beader

Most strands of seed beads (if you are working from a strand) have enough room for you to stick your threaded needle through the seed beads while they are still on the strand. This goes pretty fast if you have a long needle.

Just fill the needle, then slide them on your thread and start filling again. If you have them loose on a bead mat, never pick a seed bead up and try to thread it! It will drive you crazy. Just stick the needle through and pickup the next one.

Good luck!

The Best Way to Strand Seed Beads
by: Bwren

If you are not following a pattern a bead spinner is the way to go hands down. Fast and easy!! You can string 10" of beaads in a minute. I make lots of multi strand bracelets and necklaces with what some call bead soup. I just dump a bunch of colors, sizes, shapes into the spinner and spin away. BTW it is not only fast it is fun to watch those beads just jump right up the thread.

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