How to Make a Switch Knot

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The switch knot (SW) is lovely, lacy, and a great hemp saver.

To make a SW, 4 cords are used - two knotters, and two fillers.

knot abbreviations

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Step 1: Pull the fillers apart, so that there is a gap in between them.

switch knot 1

Step 2: Bring each knotter over each filler so that they now lie in between the filler cords. The fillers have now become the knotters, and the knotters have become the fillers. (This switching of the cords is the actual SW)
switch knot step 2

Step 3: To secure your SW, make an SK about 3/4 down from the last tied bit. This leaves a bit of a gap and forms the lacy look.

Step 4: Tug on the fillers a bit so that the lacy bits look even.

That's it!

switch knot step 3


Try this: Using two different colored cords, and a 2 SK, 1 SW repeating pattern, you can make a sennit that looks lik this:

2 color switch knot sennit

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