How to Tie the Lacy Hemp/ Macrame Switch Knot

The switch knot is a decorative lacy macrame/hemp jewelry knot that helps you save on twine too.   It's a great hemp saver because leaving lacy holes means you use less cord.

The switch knot

This is an easy knot to learn.  This macrame knotting tutorial shows you how to tie a switch knot with clear diagrams and instructions.

To tie a switch knot, 4 cords are used - two knotters, and two fillers.

The "knotters" are the working cords used to do the actual tying of the knots. The "fillers" are the cords around which the knotters are tied.

To make this knot, you need to know how to make a square knot.

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Switch Knot How-To's Step by Step

Step 1

In the picture below, I have tied 2 square knots in preparation for tying a switch knot.  You need to already have some knots tied in order to make a switch knot. 

I hope I haven't made this sound too complicated.  It really is easy.  Let's begin.

To start tying the switch knot, pull the filler cords apart, so that there is a gap in between them.

Switch Knot Step 1

Step 2

Next, Bring each knotter over each filler so that the knotters now lie in between the filler cords.

The filler cords have now switched places with the knotters.  Now THEY become the knotters, and the knotters have become the fillers. (This switching of the cords is the actual switch knot).

Switch Knot Step 2

Step 3

To secure your switch knot, make a square knot with your new knotting cords about 3/4 down from the last tied bit. This leaves a bit of a gap and forms the lacy look.

Switch Knot Step 3

Step 4

Tug on the fillers a bit so that the lacy bits look even.That's all there is to the switch knot! You're done.

Switch Knot Variations

Try this:

Use two different colored cords.   Tie a 2 square knot , 1 switch knot repeating pattern, and you make a "sennit" or macrame knot sequence that looks like this:

2 tone macrame switch knot variation

DIY Hemp Jewelry Projects with Switch Knots

Now that you know how to make a switch knots, Here are some DIY hemp jewelry projects that use switch knots:

DIY kids switch knot necklace

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