Sterling silver chains on display a short time showing black marks

by Pauline
(Chicago IL/ USA)

Why are sterling chains showing black marks here and there(on display a short time)?

And why when cleaning with a steam or ultra sonic cleaner or even a good jewelers cloth they will not come off.

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Sterling Silver Tarnish and Cleaning It
by: Diana

Mostly the black marks are tarnish of some kind.

Sometimes this is done on purpose by the designer for effect, other times it's just the nature of the beast.

As to cleaning them I find that toothpaste and a hard bristle tooth brush works great for silver, and you can control what you are cleaning that way, as some stones don't take cleaner well like opals.

Black marks on sterling
by: Cindy

Hi Pauline,
I had a "Doh!" moment about that awhile ago. I was hanging a sterling silver chains from a metal "Eiffle Tower", looked cool. When silver touches metal, it oxidizes!(That's why you don't put silverware in the dishwasher with your stainless steel - just in case you're into that sort of thing) Where your displays base metal? Keep sterling away from that. Also try using Argentium sterling silver which doesn't tarnish. Neither does fine (999) silver but it's more expensive.
Now I polish and put away into an anti-tarnish bags until I need to display again.

Maybe there's something you can apply to sterling to keep it polished but I don't know anything. Anyone?

Ultrasonic cleaners don't polish silver, they just take the dirt away.

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