Starting your Jewelry Selling!

by Cherish
(Portland, OR, USA)


I've been making some necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for about a few years now and only started taking it serious as a side business a few months ago.

Any tips on getting your products out there for selling? I've had an etsy page forever and no sales yet :(


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Oct 13, 2008
Starting your Jewelry Selling
by: Berni

I have a software program titled Jewelry Design Manager which I use to calculate my cost of items made.

I do a picture catalog with retail prices in categories such as Bangles, Rings, Necklaces,etc. and have my daughters take it to work, Which in my case I have a lot of nurse clients now.

I also have my daughters and grand daughters sign out pieces to wear for the day, evening or whatever, this way I know who has what and naturally my catalogs are always available to hand out, whether its a Bangle catalog or Ring catalog.

I rented a stall space once, for a weekend, at a craft marketplace, sold 5 items that sold for 5.00 each and on the second day, I had a commission to do 6 gold fill bangles with black tahitian black pearls.

So you never know until you try.

Don't give up.


Oct 09, 2008
Starting to Market Your Jewelry
by: Christine

Marketing your jewelry is tricky.

As a typical creative type myself, I hate "selling", I like my own company and being alone, and I wish I could just make jewelry all day and magically people would buy it.

Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.

Getting the word out is a lot of work, and you need a strategy.

There are a bunch of different strategies that people use.

I haven't tried most of them, but here are some strategies you could look at:

*Approaching galleries or local stores for consignment agreements
*Selling wholesale directly to gift shops, clothing stores, artisan crafts stores
*Booth Selling
*Home Jewelry Parties
*Personal Jewelry Design Stylist or Home Jewelry Shopper
*Pay per click Internet Marketing
*Strategic alliances with other artisans
*Work the wholesale trade shows
*Trunk shows
*Social Media marketing

Rena Klingenberg has a bunch of great e-books she's penned that give very detailed instructions for some of these strategies, and her books are specific to the jewelry market.

I've purchased all of them and I can highly recommend them:

For Booth or Craft show Selling:

100% Guaranteed

For Marketing online, blogging, etsy, yessy, ebay, social bookmarking and more

Jewelry Social Networking

For how to sell One-of-a-Kind items to a hungry, wealthy market easily - (ps.don't let the name fool you. It has nothing to do with going to stores and shopping for people):
Jewelry Social Networking

For even more of my own website wisdom, read my blog post: Design Yerself A Great Jewelry or Craft Website - And Even Sell Something!"

Hope all that helps!
Christine ~how-to-make-jewelry

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