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How to Make a Square Knot

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The square knot (SK) is everywhere in hemp jewelry so this is a definite need-to-know.

knot abbreviations

Before you can make an SK, you need to know how to make a LHK and a RHK.

Click here to review instructions for making an HK

Step by Step

An SK is simply 2 HK's: LHK, and a RHK. Unless specified, it doesn't matter which one you begin with - the important thing is that they alternate. I'm left-handed, so I always start with a LHK, but you can start with whichever you are most comfortable.

  1. Make an HK. In the diagram below (Fig. 4), I started with a LHK.

  2. Take the right knotter (strand #1), and bring it across the two fillers and the left knotter (strands 2, 3, and 4) as shown below, making sure to form a loop at the right. (Fig. 4)
  3. Bring the left knotter (strand 4) over strand 1, under the filler cords (the blue ones), and up through the loop made by strand 1. (Fig. 5)

    square knot instructions fig. 2

  4. Tighten and you're done.


  • The diagrams above illustrate a LSK. To make a RSK, follow the instructions above starting with a RHK instead of a LHK.
  • A sennet (or sinnet) of SK's produces a flat chain or length. To make your work spiral, make a sennet of HK's.

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