Silver that doesn't Tarnish

I sell jewelry at my hair salon but I am having trouble with my costume silver jewelery turning gold so I have to polish it back to silver color. Is there a better metal to use but keep my prices low?

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by: Anonymous

To be honest, I wouldn't use silver unless a customer specifically want it that way.

It increases the price of your jewelry and on the other hand, it isn't such a thing. It has the hassle that the people need to polish it all the time in order to get it back silver.

I use tombac or pewter for my jewelry, which keep prices pretty low and you don't have the hassle of polishing. Yes, they can turn dark and you gotta polish to have it back silver colored, but at least the customer doesn't have the feeling that they paid for silver and they have to polish it all the time. Hope it helps.

Silver help
by: Toni

If it's possible, put your jewelry in a closed glass container or put each piece in a plastic baggie. Air is your enemy, any silver will oxidize in open air. I do shows a lot and have to polish my work thruout the entire show.

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