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Seven at One Blow Necklace Gallery

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The Seven at One Blow necklace ribbon is a really simple solution to the jewelry crafter's dilemma. Typically we creative types have a ton of unfinished projects and experiments we keep meaning to do something with, but that are just gathering dust.

What the heck do you do with these unfinished projects? Before the necklace finisher, you just stared at them and felt guilty or hid them so you didn't have to think about them. 

After the necklace finisher, you can feel good about yourself again.  Wear 'em with pride.  You don't even have to properly finish them.

To learn how to make the "Seven at One Blow" necklace ribbon, take a look at my necklace finisher tutorial.

The Seven at One Blow Gallery


necklace finisher sample

This is the original half finished necklace that spawned the need for the "necklace finisher".



necklace finisher sample Then I attached it to this pendant.  Cool!  Necklace #2 is now wearable!



necklace finisher sample Hey looky, presto change-o, a bracelet is now a necklace...



necklace finisher sample Looky!  Bracelet in the "to be repaired" pile is necklace Number 4!



necklace finisher sample Finally, I get to wear this Hill Tribe Silver rose that's been kicking around awhile.
(Yes, I know, different color ribbon.  But it's the same idea, darnit.)



necklace finisher sample

Snips and snails makes number 6

Aaah... A favorite half finished bracelet turns into a necklace.



Necklace ribbon 7 And number 7 - pretty hammered ring is now a pretty hammered ring pendant on a pretty ribbon.


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