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Sell More Jewelry by Blogging

How to Sell More Jewelry Directly from Your Blog

copyright by Rena Klingenberg

Your blog is an excellent tool for selling your jewelry online.  In fact, many jewelry artists sell their work exclusively from their blogs.

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blogYou can stir up your readers' interest in your work by blogging about how your jewelry is created, what's unique about a particular piece or component, what the piece signifies to you, what happened while you were creating it, etc.

Basically, give the piece of jewelry a history and an interesting story.  Let the tale unfold over a few blog posts.

Stories sell jewelry. 

Stories sell jewelry.  And stories told in episodes gain more readers with each new episode.

Use your blog to build up anticipation for each new piece of jewelry or new design you're working on.  Build suspense and desire – and then unveil the piece. Launch it with a bit of fanfare.  Invite readers to comment.

You can put a discreet “buy now” button right there in your blog, directly beneath the photo of the newly unveiled piece of jewelry.  Many artists are able to sell each new piece they make, directly from their blog, with these techniques.

Remember that your jewelry blog visitors don't just want information; they want to be entertained.  And the better you entertain them, the more they'll bring other people to your blog – and to your jewelry.

It's sort of the modern version of being a traveling artist in Medieval days – you gather an interested crowd by spinning stories and entertaining your audience as you make jewelry.

When the jewelry is finished and its story has been told, there's always a well-entertained customer eager to buy it.  And the rest of the crowd spreads the word to tell their friends and family about the entertaining jewelry artist.

Repeat this process indefinitely.  And once you really develop a following and people see how fast your new stuff disappears, your new pieces will go even faster.

People will pay for things they love, regardless of the price.  Your job is to help them fall in love with it, and feel the urgency to buy it before someone else does.

Occasionally post blog entries to tell stories about other things that your audience would laugh about or care deeply about.  But make it into a personal conversation with them, putting your own words and heart into it.

This kind of story can be triggered by something you saw in the news, or in another blog or forum.  For example, if you're making mothers' bracelets and your market is moms, you might share an emotional story you read about saving childhood memories.

Make your readers laugh, make them cry, make them feel.

Emotions are powerful, and if you can make your audience feel something, they'll come back for more – and share it with their friends.


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