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How to Sell Designer Earrings - Hundreds of Them!

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By HEATHER SAXON of Hotwired Beads

Designer Earrings

Wouldn't you like to know how to sell designer earrings? Well, Heather Saxon of Hotwired Beads steps up again to show us how.

Thanks, Heather!

I have just had three of the most amazing incredibly busy weeks that I would like to share with you.

What a great start to February!

Thanks to my web designer I recently discovered the world of 'daily deals'.

Now, we may have given the world pavlovas, vegemite and splayds (ignore those New Zealanders who claim the pavlova), but this is straight out of America and pure e-commerce.  Groupon, LivingSocial, Jumponit - the list goes on and on...

Note: The companies listed above offer huge daily deals - usually at 50% off or more - to a huge audience.  They send their offers through email to hundreds of thousands of people.

After subscribing to, I decided to design a product and duly offered the concept for consideration, which to my delight was promptly accepted!

Designer Earrings

As they had not previously offered designer jewellery, it was accepted as a trial run and featured as a side bar offer.  It was promoted Australia wide with my offer of FREE postage.

Check out my blog on on how I determined what to 
design, how I contained costs, the amazing response and what I believe the 
benefits to be when you sell designer earrings via these daily deals.

Heather Saxon is a jewelry designer, creator and blog writer of - check it out and a big thanks to her for writing this article!

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