Sea Shell Earrings

I collect cone shaped sea shells. Many of the small ones would made nice ear rings.

What would be the best way to attach them to an ear wire?


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by: Rose

My husband collected sea shells for me and bored holes where I needed them for my pendants.

So I feel that some holes can be drilled in them so you can thread wire then attach to ear wires.

He used a Dremal tool and a thin drill.

Sea Shell Earrings
by: Linda

Some sea shells come with holes in them to put a jump ring in it to attach to a ear hook or wire.

With others, sadly, you have to drill a hole near the top to put the jump ring in.

WARNING put the shell in water, just enough to cover it and use the drill lightly on the shell, let the drill do the work, not you, you just hold the drill and let it work for you.

If you don't put the shell in water and letlight pressure do the work, the shell will crack. And if that's the only shell you have, well that's it.

Earrings From Sea Shells
by: Anna

My man drilled holes in small shells without breaking any,but you can drill only on the top, where the shell is thickest and the drill must be very thin.

I used a thin cord to hang shells. if I knew how, I would put here a picture..

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