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How to Measure for a wire ring shank

Copyright 2009 Donna Spadafore

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Christine GiererMeasuring wire for a ring shank can be tricky. Lucky for you, Donna Spadafore has an easy technique for that. I'd like to give a special thanks to Donna for submitting so many beautiful tutorials. You can find more of her tutorials on my website linking from the Making Wire Jewelry page




Measure Ring Shank 1 This tutorial teaches a very simple way to measure the length of wire needed for a ring shank.

For this technique you will need to use the same gage of wire that you will use for the finished project. The reason for this is that different thicknesses of wire will need different lengths for the same size ring. Usually the thicker the wire, the longer the piece you will need.


  • Scrap wire (same gauge as the wire you are using in the project you are measuring the ring-shank for)


  • Ring Mandrel (with sizes) or other round object that is the correct size for your project
  • Wire cutters
  • Flat nose pliers

Step 1:

Wrap a piece of scrap wire (the same gage as the wire you will used in your finished project) around the ring mandrel at the size you need your finished ring to be.

Measure Ring Shank 2

Step 2:

Twist the wires from each side of the mandrel together so that the loop you have made is snug against the mandrel.

Be careful not to over-tighten the wire. It needs to be able to slip off the ring mandrel the same way a finished ring would slip off.

Measure Ring Shank 3

Step 3:

Take the loop off the mandrel.

Measure Ring Shank 4

Step 4:

Cut the wire on the side of the loop that is opposite the twist.

Measure Ring Shank 5

Step 5:

Straighten out the wire, being careful not to loosen the twist.

Measure Ring Shank 6

Step 6:

Measure the straightened wire. This is the length of wire you will need to go all the way around the ring.

Measure Ring Shank 7

About the Artist: Donna Spadafore is a self taught jewelry artist who has spent years improving her techniques and creating new, original jewelry designs. She now teaches many of her designs to her students using on-line tutorials available on her web-site. If you are interested in learning new and wonderful jewelry techniques, go to

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