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The Revamp

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Hidey ho...

Christine here. I am slowly but surely revamping to be up to the standards and challenges of 21st century and beyond. I hope you can be patient with me because I can be slow.

It's Held Together With Rubber Bands and Spider Silk. Actually.

If you love it here now, you will love the website even more when I'm done.

I'm updating the look and feel of the website, adding in some new community and sharing features, adding in and updating existing pages with new content and pictures, and migrating to a new faster webhost, a new software platform, and I can't remember what else. I do have a list. (I just don't feel like pulling it out to look at right this moment).

All of the many revamps I'm planning are a bit tricky to strategize.

Silly creature that I am, I want to do it myself. I like puzzles.

I have a stubbornly independent streak that makes me want to do everything myself no matter how ridiculously time consuming it is for me.

It all will take time. Time is my nemesis. Time and myself. I am my own worst enemy.

Over the years, I have built me a Frankenmonster of a site.

You know how an old house can be a mishmash of add-ons and renovations over the years? As the needs of a family changes, they turn a kitchen into a living room, add a bathroom here, add a second floor there, tack on a staircase wherever they can... You know what I'm saying.

My website? Same. I started it with the intention of keeping it clean and organized, but over the years I added on a subdomain here, a half planned out blog there, and so on.

If all goes as planned, the many upgrades and changes I am working on will pull everything together so that the website is more cohesive, more user friendly, and more interactive.

It will be awesome when the website is Macguiver'd together with more than rubber bands and spider silk won't it?*

What to Expect During the Revamp

While I work on the migration part of the upgrade, some of the website features will be on siesta. The website pages most affected are the "Ask-and-Answer" pages and the Gallery pages. These pages will not be taking user submissions for the interim.

There may be other bits of weirdness here and there, but I hope not! Thanks so much for sticking with me and thanks for your patience :)

Don't Read The Rest Unless You Enjoy the "Magic That is Me".

Seriously. It's time you will never get back. Your life is precious. Don't waste it.

Of course, if you are silly and giggly like I am, by all means continue reading.

Here is where the rambling explanation, complete with colourful backdrop to set the stage, begins. (You can skip the rest of this page. Honestly its self-indulgent and meant only for weirdos like myself to read. Unless you find awkward endearing, you are best off heading over to learn about knotting hemp cord or learning about torch fired enamel (I do love enamel).

"Quirky and Hilarious" or "Infuriatingly Sporadic and Not Funny at All

Here's an explanation of why exactly I'm asking you to humor me during this revamp.

As any longtime newsletter reader knows, I am what might indulgently be called "quirky".

I ramble, I say ridiculous things because I have a silly sense of humour.

I find me very funny.

The people in the outside world however, mostly respond to my highly amusing off-the-cuff comments with silence.

And sometimes darting eyes.

Beginning of meandering digression

Do the eyes dart frantically for escape routes? I am assuming that is indeed the case. This also strikes me as a little bit funny but not.

I don't say silly things to bring people pain and awkwardness. With the "magic that is me" I try to bring them around to at least laugh a little... at me, if not with me. I can take it. And I believe everyone needs it. Laughing that is.

I do feel bad for those that just can't laugh at all though. That's sad, no?...

End of meandering digression

The "magic that is me" is more than just my obnoxiously lovable way of socializing however. I am a bit on the easily distracted side.

Some might say (who am I kidding -- real people who know me and love me do say --) that I have the attention span of a gnat.

This means that "revamping the website" doesn't mean I can make myself do this somewhat gargantuan task in anything resembling a reasonable amount of time.

It might take me a spell or twelve before I get 'er done.

I don't expect you to be so impolite as to give me grief about how long it's taking. But it still makes me feel better to give you the heads up that yes, I am slow.

As I tell my husband, as he rolls his eyes in loving indulgence, "I know! I'm doing my best. I will get to it. It is on my list. I just got a bit distracted. If it's written down I will not forget. I'm on it."

Beginning of another meandering digression

"I'm on it" is a favourite saying for me.

People who think that means it should be done yesterday, well, maybe they don't realize this, but life is meant to actually be lived and experienced, and moments should be enjoyed.

In my opinion, things like websites kinda hafta take a backseat to the more important things in my life.

Family, my kids, my spouse, personal connection, service, creativity, personal health, living right... All these things take time, and rightly so.

If that means my projects progress on the slow side, well, then so be it.

Being remembered as the gal that "sure did complete a lot of projects on time!" is not what I hope characterizes my utmost contribution when I depart one day from this earthly life).

End of meandering digression

So that's it. A treatise on a revamp that really started back in 2011, and I am still working on. I also have a bathroom that has been "almost done" since the year I started on it. Back in 2000. I know because my best friend likes to tell me she has an email saved from when I started working on it. And yes, I'll get back to it when I get a chance. The only things left are purely cosmetic anyway. It's written down. It's on my list. No worries. I'm on it.

ChristineAbout the Author

Hey! Christine here, once again. Is it appropriate to have an "About the Author" write up if I am the founder and owner of the website?

Probably not, but then, I can do what I like. It's my site.

Not that I don't love you, and don't care about you, but really, not everything is about you. You were warned to stop reading about halfway up the page.

Since you are still here, I am assuming you think I am almost as entertaining as I think I am.

If you would like to learn more about me, (and really, who wouldn't), mosey on down to my About page. (The About Page most likely needs a good update, but if I recall, it's much better written and much less self-indulgent than this page.)

*Macgyver was a character in a show by the same name that I vaguely remember watching back in the 90's(?).

He disarmed bombs and made tools from things like the lint in his pocket and found objects like paper clips and doll heads. This of course is an exaggeration. I don't think there really were any doll heads used. But there might have been. I have a poor memory. I don't even know if I ever watched a whole episode. Luckily, there is a page of Macgyverisms you can look at. It's long. There could be doll head parts in there somehere...


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