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Turtle Wax
by: Anonymous

I'm going to give the Turtle Wax a try

What about....
by: Elissa

If you want to seal resin jewelry? I made some very cool resin pendants and sealed them with an acrylic glaze. The glaze is beginning to chip, however.

Another artist I asked about this suggested I seal the pieces with resin, but this seems tedious and messy. Is there anything you'd recommend? I was thinking about a polyurethane coating

The Future Trick
by: Alastar Dragonfly

Dip your stuff in Future Brand floor wax and allow to dry. It is an acrylic sealer and you can do repeated dippings for thicker coatings. If the acrylic will protect a floor, it will certainly protect your fine silver. ;o)

What about Diamond Glaze by Judikins?
by: Amanda

I make bamboo pendants and I pour on some Diamond Glaze to protect them and provide a glass-like lacquered finish. It works a treat!

by: Ruth Shapiro

I have worked extensively with 2 part epoxy resin, wither 5 or 20 minute varieties. I have experimented with all kinds of colorants, including non-oil based pastels, pwdered pigments, eye shadows, acrylic paints and even latex paints. (wall paint!)

I also use spices, wood dust, silver filings, and charcoal!

I would not use resin to coat jewelry, as eventually it will wear off and look worse than if it tarnished.

If I have to coat a protected or inaccessable area on a piece of jewelry, I use a good quality lacquer, available from Sculpt Nouveau in San Diego, or from G.J. Nikolas, outside of Chicago.

I use the latter for my silver Judaica, and have never had any tarnishing, but then the pieces aren't "abused" like a ring or bracelet might be.
Hope this helps.

Epoxy Coating Jewelry
by: Lloyd Patterson , gemologist

I have extensive experience with this and can offer a few ponters.

I use a clear epoxy over mother-of-pearl shell to protect acrylic hand-painted art.

It will be difficult to coat sterling with epoxy because it's difficult to get a smooth coating. Using paint brushes will give a great number of hard to hide bubbles.

Devcon 2t is my choice for dark items. It will yellow over time. Devcon says it won't but in my personal experience it will.

Next would be Hughes 330 Epoxy. It drys clear. Mix epoxy slowly and try not to introduce bubbles. I use a round bamboo stick (use blunt end for mixing) from a grocery store, the kind used by Chinese restaurants to skewer meat.

Get a round ball of mixed epoxy on the non-pointed end, and drizzle epoxy onto the piece.

This works great on flat items, like your mother- of-pearl round pendants.

Epoxy doesn't like to exceed edge (surface tension effect). You can get it right up to edge without it going over the side.

Good Luck


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