Rainy Day Handmade Earrings Part 2

by Rita
(Geneva, Switzerland)

Hanging Onyx

Hanging Onyx

Hanging Onyx

Flower Drops
Summer Heather

I've been having fun with jewelry for years now but I only seriously started making some this year. My main problem is creating a little beading corner in my apartment and finding time...I tend to stick to earrings because they use less material (=less money to buy stuff!) and take less time (=less patience needed :P) oh and because that's mainly what I wear :). Here are a few earrings I've made on random rainy days when I've found time. I actually got most of the materials and stones from my parents who collected them over time so I wasn't actually able to choose them myself (which doesn't help when pricing them!). Hopefully if I can start selling a bit (just got my first real commission! :)) then I can go shopping myself and find pretty stuff to buy :). I tend to work mainly with wire and semi-precious stones.

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