Rainy Day Handmade Earrings Part 1

by Rita
(Geneva, Switzerland)

Earthy Avalanche

Earthy Avalanche

Earthy Avalanche
Sun & Sea
Pearl Rain
Blood Drops

I've been having fun with jewelry for years now but I only seriously started making some this year. My main problem is creating a little beading corner in my apartment and finding time...I tend to stick to earrings because they use less material (=less money to buy stuff!) and take less time (=less patience needed :P) oh and because that's mainly what I wear :).

Here are a few earrings I've made on random rainy days when I've found time. I actually got most of the materials and stones from my parents who collected them over time so I wasn't actually able to choose them myself (which doesn't help when pricing them!). Hopefully if I can start selling a bit (just got my first real commission! :)) then I can go shopping myself and find pretty stuff to buy :).

I tend to work mainly with wire and semi-precious stones.

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by: Rita

Thanks :)

Yeah it's hard getting the space to make jewelry and I haven't really made anything in almost a year because I now rent my extra bedroom from time to time so it has to be neat and ready to go at any time (which I'm sure you know is never the case when you're creating something - it's like everything has to be out to get inspired and going :P).

Not sure which earrings you're referring to when you ask how long it took to make but the 'Earthy Avalanche' ones took quite a while because I was just starting to learn and because my stones kept having uneven holes in them so it took even longer.

Thanks again for the compliments :)

Keep Up The Good work!
by: Anonymous

They are great, I loved them all. I know what you mean about a little corner of a small apartment.

I am actually sleeping in what use to be my apartment, all my supplies and finished products took over. So now it is a studio.

by: fuzzy nose

That's awesome!!! How long did that take?

Cute Earrings
by: Katie

I love the blue and "red". They are so cute and I LOVE those colors together!

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