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How to Make a Push Mold for Polymer Clay Bead Making

- And the Beads Too!

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I often find beads or great vintage buttons and know I'll never find another like it. That's when making your own push mold for polymer clay comes in handy. You can make your polymer clay beads identical, or shape and paint each one differently to give them more personality. It took me around 45 minutes to make the push mold and 6 beads, not including baking and cooling time.

kristen from morbidly cute
by Kristen ~ Morbidly Cute

Tools and Supplies

    • Clear Spray Varnish
    • Acrylic Paint
    • Drill
    • Fimo Brand Polymer Clay

Step 1: Pick out your button or bead. Make sure it's clean and undamaged. I'll be using this skull bead, which I made awhile back.

polymer clay bead - skull

Step 2: Condition your polymer clay (mush it up until it's soft) and roll it into a rough ball that's a little larger than your bead.

polymer clay bead - skull

Step 3: Press the bead firmly into the top of your clay, then pull it straight back up to make the impression of the bead. If it comes out wonky on your first try, just roll the clay back into a ball and try again.

polymer clay bead - skull

Step 4: When you're happy with your mold, bake it according to the manufacturer's directions. Let it cool completely. I then sealed mine with a little spray varnish to help keep the clay from sticking to it, but that's optional.

polymer clay bead - skull

Step 5: Roll a small amount of clay into a smooth ball. If you have any creases or wrinkles in the ball, you'll have them in your bead. Press it firmly into the mold.

polymer clay bead - skull

Step 6: Pull the clay out of the mold and smooth out the sides and back, being careful not to distort the front of the bead. *I prefer to drill holes in my beads after they're baked. If you don't have access to a drill or dremel you might want to poke holes through your beads now.

polymer clay bead - skull

Tip: To make bead holes in soft clay, use a sharp wooden skewer. Push the skewer into the bead until it makes a tiny dimple on the other side, but don't push it all the way through.  Remove your skewer, then gently push it into the dimple you made, until your skewer comes out the other side.  Voila! Doing it this 2 step way, rather than pushing all the way through once makes a nicer hole, and your bead is less likely to get distorted.

Step 7: Bake your beads as per the manufacturer's instructions and let them cool completely.

Step 8: If you didn't already make your bead holes, drill holes in your beads with a small drill bit. Paint them as desired and seal them with a spray clearcoat (varnish).

polymer clay bead - skull

Step 9: That's it! You're all set to make some bitchin' jewelry with your new handmade beads.

polymer clay bead - skull necklace

Isn't this a cool necklace?  Thanks so much Morbidly Cute!

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