Protect photos from being copied

Is there an inexpensive way to protect photos of work from being copied?

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Watermarking your photos
by: Christine Gierer

The easiest way to protect your photos so they can't be easily copied is to watermark them.

What's a watermark?

A watermark is a semi-transparent image or text that is overlayed your digital image.

When your image has a watermark, nobody will try to pass it off as their own because if they do, they'll have a big 'ol watermark smack in the middle of it.

How To Watermark Your Photos:

In photoshop:

Add a text layer with the text you want to use as a watermark (like your name, your website, etc) and adjust the opacity to about 40% or so until you like the look of it.

Make sure the watermark actually covers some of your image so someone doesn't just crop out the part they want to use. Rule of thumb: the more instrusive your watermark, the better protected your image.

With free online watermarking tools:

I found this really cool free tool called PicMarkr

You just follow the steps and they watermark your pictures for you. I tested it and it was really easy.

(It even resizes your photo at the same time if you need to do that too)

Hope that helps!

Christine ~how-to-make-jewelry.com

Disable Right Click for Photo
by: Anonymous

I found this handy link for a java scripts that will disable cut and paste for photos.

It will disable right click functions for the whole page.

Just insert script into the code for the body of a page.

Here's link: www.hypergurl.com/norightclick.html

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