Pricing Jewelry and Other Business Questions

by Marjorie


I am thinking of starting a business selling my handmade jewelry pieces.

What are the best ways to get my jewelry and name out there? I like the idea of selling one-of-a-kind pieces (not making multiples of the same piece) but I'm not sure if that's the best approach.

I also don't have any idea on how to price my jewelry. I would like to make the price appealing to the general public, but not too cheap where I'm not making a profit. I've read so much about pricing, but it's almost too much, and I'm confused on a good method of pricing. My pieces average around $10-$15 in materials.

Then there's the hourly wage to consider. I'm a stay-at-home mother, so I have a hard time pin pointing an hourly wage. I suffer from the problem of not valuing my time enough and not knowing what my time is worth.

Attached is a sample of my work.
Thanks for you help!


Whoa Marjorie! You've opened a huge can of worms here. And I know exactly where you're coming from- same position I am in too! I have a ton of information to come- I'll have to add it in in installments.

For now though, you can check out my horribly neglected Jewelry Sweet Spot Blog for jewelry business tips. Here's a link to my article on Pricing Your Handmade Jewelry

You can also check out my friend Rena Klingenberg's website Home Jewelry Business Success Tips for an overwhelming amount of jewelry business articles.

I'll update this with more information soon!
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Sep 26, 2012
by: Kris

I know there's a difference in selling jewelry and decorated eggs but I hope this will help anyway.

My landlady makes decorated eggs (goose, ostrich, rhea, etc.) and she totals the cost of the materials used and adds 10 to 15%.

Hope this helps.

Mar 31, 2008

by: Anonymous

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