Piercing Sterling Silver

I have this image of a design in my head but I'd really like to know how to transfer the idea in my head to a pierced piece of sterling silver.

I'd like to make a pendant with sterling silver, can you show any techniques to very detailed piercing?

Thank you for your time!!

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Piercing Silver
by: Robyn Hawk

First - if you don't have experience piercing - try this on Copper or Brass first. It is one thing having the info it is a whole other matter having "the feel of the process".

When I am working a piercing, I find that running copies (note that is multiple) of the design on label stock works best.

You can then stick the design directly on the metal - drill your pilot holes and get down to sawing!!!

Robyn Hawk

by: Teri_B

Be sure, before you start with the drill, to make a divot for the bit to set in, or you may scratch up the metal sheet.

Take a nail or a punch and put it INSIDE the area you plan on cutting out. Tap it, then set the drill bit in place and drill the hole. Now you can put a jeweler saw blade thru that hole, attach to your saw and saw the area out that you marked.

Good luck!

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