Packaging for your jewelry...?


I'm looking for the boxes for jewelry that have a cardboard box, the cushiony stuff in the box, and a clear lid.

Does anyone know where I can buy these?

I've bought them at a bead shop locally, but she runs out really quick and takes forever for them to get back in stock.

I prefer keeping and showing my jewelry in them rather than those plastic bags... more professional looking, don't you think?

Thanks for any help....


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Mar 25, 2011
Jewelryt Supply
by: Cheryl

I have bought them from Jewelry Supply http://www.jewelrysupply.com/jewelry_boxes/cotton_filled_boxes/clear_view_boxes.html

and found them reasonable. I also have those with regular tops that I switch the customer's purchase into. They really prefer the full box and I can reuse the more expensive clear top. I display most of my jewelry in the boxes and have spent years taking of the lids every time until I found these with the clear lids. Keeps everything nice and clean, and helps keep down tarnish too.

Mar 24, 2011
Clear lid boxes
by: Barbara

Hi Georgia,
I've been searching for these as well ! think the'll keep things cleaner at outdoor shows. I saw your response that mentions 3 suppliers, but I only have found fetpack. What other 1s are there?
good luck & thanks,Barbara

Mar 24, 2011
Packaging for your jewelry
by: Trudy

I found "www.fetpak.com" They are reasonably priced and very quick to ship. Shipping is not outrageous either. Hope this helps

Feb 15, 2011
jewelry boxes with cotton and clear lids
by: Georgia

I want to thank you sooooo much for helping me out on this search. I'm sure others have been in the same situation searching for sources for the ever elusive boxes needed to nestle in those pieces of jewelry so lovingly, and sometimes much labored over. I checked out the 3 sources that you listed and found the last listing for jewelry boxes as the best price for me. I am so excited that not only a great price, but I can get a LOT of boxes! I am now only limited by my heart's desire, my pocket book, and my storage capacity. I'll have to work on getting more room!!!!!!!

You have definitely made me a very happy jewelry maker and I can hear my wires and beads and more calling me to make more so I can fill those boxes up that I am going to order right away.

Happy, happy am I. Thank you so much again!!!

Biloxi, Mississippi

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