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How to Open and Close Jump Rings Properly

open-and-close jump ringsLearning how to open and close jump rings properly is one of the most basic and fundamental of all jewelry making techniques.  I can't tell you how many times people have asked me about jump rings!  How do I get them to close properly? 

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open jump ringsStep 1

Step 1: Grasp both sides of the jump ring with a pair of pliers in each hand.  The gap should be pointing upwards.

open jump ringsarrowopen jump rings

Step 2: Pull forward with one pair of pliers while pushing backwards with the other.

open jump rings

Your open jump ring should now look like the picture above.

To close the jump ring, reverse those steps. 

This technique is one of the many techniques I explain more fully in my eco-friendly e-book, Wire Work Secrets for Jewelry Makers.

Wire Work Secrets for Jewelry Makers

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