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Oct 29, 2008


I have some solutions for your wire problems this week!

But first, my tale of woe:

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. The plague has hit our house and we've been missing in action the last while. 

I went to the walk-in clinic for the second time last week because my razor wired throat didn't seem on the mend, and my eyes had turned an unhealthy shade of pink.  I just love it when the doctor takes a look and says, "Hmmm.  I've never seen this combination of symptoms together before."

And then he excuses himself and comes back a few minutes later with a mask on.  And I suspect he was calling Health Canada to keep them on alert.

But I'm pretty sure the health emergency is over now. People have stopped crossing over to the other side of the street when I walk up to get my kids from school.

Hooray for antibiotics!

Back to the solutions to your Wire Problems

Here's Something A Little Different...

Remember that survey I asked you to do back in September?

I answered some of your questions and made you a lil video.  Yeehaaa! My answers should clear up some of the more common questions

Here's the link to the video- it's about 10 minutes long.

Wire Questions Video

Slow connection?  Don't worry- For slower connections you can download the audio instead (instructions at the bottom of the video)

I'll be sending you some more juicy bits too (sorry, just wire problem related), so if you've been having trouble with that darn wire or those pesky little jump rings, keep an eye out.

Some Blog Updates

Is Halloween a big deal where you are?  Here in Toronto (Canada) its pretty big.

I made a Tin Can Skeleton- and you can too!

It was real easy and it doesn't get any cheaper than using a coffee can.

Check out my tin can skeleton project.  Go ahead and leave a comment too.  I love comments.

There are a bunch of other yummy posts on the blog too:

Here's an oldie that I continually get comments on: Working with Copper

And here are some really useful posts about your designing your jewelry website (so that people actually stay long enough to buy something), and another about taking jewelry photos .

And people seemed interested in this one: How to Make String Art Earrings?

Newest Questions

Lots of great new questions on the website this week- and lots of great answers too!  A big shout out to Trish - Our star answering lady this week.  Thanks Trish!

Coloring Resin
Jewelry Courses : No answers on this one yet - feeling helpful?
Wire for Illusion Necklaces?
How to Make a Shell Necklace : No answers here yet either...
What kind of "braiding" is this?
Cord Wrapping on Stone : Need some help on this one - Any Maori Jade Pendant experts/ knotwork experts?

Starting Your Jewelry Selling : I get a lot of questions about how to start selling jewelry it seems.  A few answers from readers for this one, and I give a bunch of great resources to learn more.

That's it!  Short and sweet this week. 

Have a good one!

slightly insane webmaster of how-to-make-jewelry.com

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