Newbie Help With Tiny Stones

by Linda D
(North Carolina, USA)

I purchased a packet of stones from a cable tv jewelry channel that also promotes its own Jewelry making supplies.

I love Tourmaline and so when they had this "parcel" of Pink and green tourmaline, for sale I was so excited I purchased it right away.

The only problems here is that:

(a) I am just starting out making jewelry, so am
not really experienced.

(b) I did not understand that the gems were not "calibrated" so that they cannot be set into any
common settings because the parcel I got has all small stones. When I say small I am talking about 1mm to 2.5mm.

I love the stones, except for the non calibration issue and would love to use them in making myself a pendant or earrings..but HOW do I use them??

Can I glue them somehow to something(s) with a Jewelry glue or epoxy?? Any help would be most appreciated...


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Non Calibrated Stones
by: Anonymous

My suggestion: since these are so small I think I would purchase a very small rondelle with rhinestones and then pop out some or all of the rhinestones and carefully glue in your stones.

Make sure you use only a tiny tiny spot of E6000 glue to make sure it doesn't get on top of the stones or over them.

You can add other beads or chains and make them a dangle for earrings.

Hope this helps.

Additional Request For Newbie Help
by: Linda D

Thank you for your response :)

I am unsure if there is a special size rondelle that I should look for?

I have also seen while researching, that there are blanks to make pendants and they use a resin or some kind of plastic that you mix and add to the blanks...so I was thinking what If I tried that and placed the stones in a design on top of the resin? Would they hold??

Is this a viable idea..I noted that they talk about adding paper pictures to the pendants..or other things...but no mention of adding small stones...Any suggestions anyone?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Ideas For Loose Stones
by: beachbaubles

There are assorted size glass vials that are used for jewelry that you can put loose stones in-they look very pretty that way.

There are also metal locket type pendants that have openwork where you put in your loose stones,close the locket and you can see the stones through the pendant-also a very pretty and popular look.

Good luck!

Newbie Help - Tiny Stones
by: Dawn McCreary

I had some tiny stones that I couldn't set or wire wrap so I decided to put them in a 1 inch tall bottle with a cork.

I drilled a very thin hole in the cork and made a loop with wire and threaded the tail piece into hole and put a drop of glue on top and underneath cork. You could use a tiny eye screw. It works just as we'll, and saves a few steps. You can also choose to add embellishments to the the cork if you want to hide it.

I also do this with the tiny pieces of sea glass I've found that is too small to do anything else with.

I purchased my bottles in an 8 pack of a few different sizes at A. C. Moore on the aisle with markers. They are sold next to the alcohol inks. About $5-$6.
I hope this is helpful.

Dawn McCreary

Response From Newbie Help
by: Linda D

Thank you all for your great suggestions. I like the glass bottle/vial idea, but am still thinking I may want to glue them into something.

I will keep researching...thanks a million for your help.


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