Need New Ideas


I really wanna make something that is unique, but fairly easy... I wanna ease my way into the harder ones (they're the COOLEST :) ), if there is something out there that might be suited to me, please tell me!! :P

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Alpha Pattern?
by: Anonymous

Have you ever tried anything with alphabet pattern? It's super easy once you get the hang of it.


Here's a link to a website that has tons of info on alphabet pattern-pictures, videos, step by step instructions.

Hope this gives you some good ideas!

Friendship Bracelet Ideas
by: Mikayla

You might want to try just making at least:
- 10 Chinese Staircases
- 10 Candy/Pin Stripe bracelets
- 10 Chevrons or Arrows
- 10 Reverse Chevron/Arrows
- 10 Boarded Chevrons

Once you have mastered the whole Chevron/Arrow family you can move to the Heart bracelet.

It is highly recommended that you fully complete the WHOLE chevron family before moving to the heart because if you just move right along to the heart it won't look to good because the Heart and Chevron/Arrow are related.

Also do some research on other friendship bands/bracelets.

Hope this helped.



If you would like to contact me, email me at

The zig zag
by: Maddie

The Zig Zag friendship bracelet is a really cool pattern! But it is similar to the candy strip! Here is a youtube video on how to do it! It is pretty simple (in my opinion) But the only problem is that I am having trouble with the corners kinda turning in, I have to tape it down every corner so I can make it easier. I am trying to figure out how to make it that without that happening. But You should try it!


More info needed...
by: Anonymous

Are you interested in stringing or wirework (or other, or both)? Knowing the answer to that would help narrow things. Also, are you a total beginner? That would make a difference with suggesting something for you. If it's wirework you're doing, I've found that there are a lot of interesting earring projects out there that can range from basic to challenging, but either way don't require as much time as something like a necklace project might. Same goes with a bracelet. They're a convenient way to learn or use new techniques on a small scale.

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