Need An End Cap With A Hole For A Clasp

by Barbara

I have picked up a container of chain in gold and silver, which is somewhat thick and has no links.I am not sure if I am describing it correctly.

I have to cut it to the length I need. Do not know what to do with it then as I do not have end cap with a hole it to add a clasp.

I have tried the one that goes over it and folds down to close it and it has a hole on it for a clasp. Problem is it is not wide enough for this chain.

I also do not know how to get the mm for this to know exactly what I need.

I can send a piece of this somewhere so they can tell me what would fit. Any suggestion as to what I can do?

I don't want to purchase many kinds of endcaps with a loop that I have no use for in the future if it doesn't fit. l

Looking for something that goes over it and then I tighten it to fit.



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