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Necklace Finisher Tutorial

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Finish Seven at One Blow with this Easy to Make Removable Necklace Cord

Necklace Finisher

If you're anything like me, you have umpteen half finished projects that just need a a little finishing and the'yd be done.

"But", you say, "I need just the right cord or chain to finish it!

Well here's an idea for you to try.  I finished seven necklaces at once.  It was quick, easy and it even look pretty darned good.  At least I think so.

I call my invention a "Necklace Finisher".   I know, not a very sexy title.  Naming my ideas is not my strong suit.

Necklace Finisher Project Instructions

Level of Difficulty: Beginner to Moderate

Time: 5 to 20 minutes depending on your skill level

what you need



  • Two pieces of 20 gauge sterling silver round wire cut into 6" lengths
  • 32" silk fairy ribbon (available at
  • 2 sterling silver lobster clasps



how tos step by step

Step 1:

String one end of ribbon through each lobster clasp String one end of each ribbon piece through the loop or jump ring of each lobster clasp

Step 2:

Fold the ribbon over the loop.  Take one of the wire pieces...

Now let's attach the ribbon securely. 
Fold the ribbon over the loop.

Place one of the 6" lengths of wire underneath the cut end of the ribbon.  The ribbon should lie on top of the wire length at the midpoint of the wire. 

Step 3:

Using your fingers, fold the wire so that it holds the ribbon end against the ribbon length securely.

Step 4:

Using your fingers, wrap the wire around and around the ribbon.

Using your fingers, wrap the wire around and around the ribbon.  You might need to use your flat nose pliers to gently grasp the wrap and keep it still as you work.

Tip: Leaving a tail will make the ribbon and wire easier to grab onto as you wrap. 

Step 5:

Use your flat nose or chain nose pliers to squeeze the end down and tuck it in. Use your flat nose or chain nose pliers to squeeze the loose ends end down against your wrap.

Step 6:

Using scissors, trim the last bit of cut ribbon close to the wire wrap.


Step 7:

Repeat steps 2 thru 6 on the remaining ribbon length.

Step 8:

The finished necklace finisher

Admire your handiwork, then go hunting for half finished experiments you can clip onto your new "Seven at One Blow" Necklace finisher.

To wear your new necklace, simply tie it into a bow at the back of your neck.


Wanna see what I can wear now?  Take a gander at my "Seven at One Blow" Necklace Gallery for some ideas of what you can do with your removable necklace ribbon.


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