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Two Strand Mommy Bracelet Tutorial

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Make a Two-Strand Mommy Bracelet

I made this gorgeous bracelet for my good friend Suzanned when her second child Ruby was born.  Her first child, Jack, has his name on the second strand.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make one for yourself.  It also makes an awesome gift. 

Bracelet Instructions :

The mommy bracelet in the instructions is slightly different that the Ruby/Jack bracelet.  Feel free to improvise a little with your materials too.



  • Crimping pliers or Magic Crimping Pliers
  • 2 pair chain-nosed pliers or 2 pair of flat-nosed pliers, or 1 of each
  • Flush cutters
  • Masking tape
  • Bead board (optional)
  • Measuring tape
Bead and findings list

Note about bead amounts - Depending on the children's names, and the size of the mommy's wrist, you may need more or fewer.

Tip: If you add extra letters, don't write a book!  Keep in mind that a bracelet is only as big as a wrist.

For more information about the particular beads and findings, check out the "done for you" supply list at the end of this tutorial

1pkg (About 20" needed)
Beadalon 49 .018 10FT - SILVER PLATED
Sterling Round Clasp with Hammered Granulation
same as # of letter beads plus 2
5000 4mm Faceted Round Crystal AB
varies depending on the names
Sterling 4.5mm Rounded Block Alphabet Beads
same as # of letter beads plus 4
Thin Spacer of Twisted Wire

Sterling Silver Mom/Heart Charm

4.5mm Shiny Saucer Bead
around 12

6.7mm Shiny Saucer Bead


Sterling Silver Puffed Heart Charm

6mm Seamless Sterling Silver Round Bead (2.4mm Hole)
around 10
5301 6mm Faceted Bicone Crystal or 5301 6mm Faceted Bicone Crystal AB
3 of each color
5301 6mm Faceted Bicone Crystals in birthstone colours
around 8
5309 6mm Faceted Rounded Bicone Crystal
around 8
Bumpy Bali Spacer Bead
around 16
Bali Small Bumpy Spacer
4mm Seamless Sterling Silver Round Bead (1.5mm Hole)
4mm Sterling Silver Locking Jump Ring (20 Gauge)

Sterling 2 x 2mm Twisted Crimp Tube

Bali Head Pin with Granulation
Optional Sterling Cable and Stringing Thimble (.021 Inch Hole)
Optional 3mm Sterling Crimp Cover


Stringing Your Two-Strand Bracelet


Step 1: Line up your beads

Start by lining up your beads on your bead board or on masking tape facing sticky side up.  This makes it easy to move them around and rearrange them if you need to.

Step 2: Prepare your Beading Wire

Cut 2 10 inch pieces of  stranded stringing cable.

Use a piece of  masking tape as a bead stop at the end of your cables...
mother day bracelet 3

....Like this.

You could also use a beadstopper or an alligator clip

Step 3: String, Look, Rearrange, Fuss...

Don't finish either end yet.  String a length, then tape or "bead stop" the other end. Do the same for the second strand.

It's OK to string and restring until you're happy with the design (I usually have to rearrange a few times until I like the look).

Step 4: Measure

Check your length – you want the finished bracelet to be the finished wrist size + ½" to ¾ " – any more and the bracelet has a chance of becoming unclasped (unlikely, but you can never be too careful)

So you want the beaded portion of your bracelet to be about wrist size minus a half inch.

(The average wrist size of a medium sized caucasian woman to be about 6", and asian wrists tend to be about 5 ½" à this info is no based on statistical research – just my own immediate experience.  I have limited experience with other ethnic backgrounds.)

Adjust the size as necessary by adding or removing beads.  You might have to readjust the design slightly.

Step 5: Crimping one end of the bracelet

If your size is OK, take the tape off one of the ends, and remove the last bead strung.

String a crimp tube, then the bead you removed, then another crimp tube, then the round half of your toggle clasp.

String the end of your cable back through the crimp-bead-crimp series.

Remember not to pull too tight.  You want some length remaining on the other end so that you can crimp that side too.

Use your crimping pliers as illustrated to crimp the first crimp tube.

Use the front part of your crimping pliers to fold over the crimp...

...So that it looks like this.

Take your crimp cover.

Use the front part of the crimping pliers to gently close the crimp cover.

It should look pretty, like this.

Repeat steps x-x with your next crimp.

Trim your cable close with flush cutters.

Check your size again.  Measure twice, cut once!

Repeat for the second strand, following steps x-x.

For the other side, you need to merge the two strands into one so that the toggle will fit through the other end of the clasp.

Do this by removing the last bead on each strand, slipping a tiny sterling bead onto each end, then sliding one of the removed beads onto both cable strands.

Still stringing onto both strands, string a crimp tube, the other removed bead, then the last crimp tube.

String the cables back through the bead crimp bead series

Use your round nose pliers to ease the cable tight. This takes some practice.

Crimp and cover your crimps the same way as the other end.

The clasp closed.

All materials from ... (U.S.A.)
Crystal Bead Shop (Canada)

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Done For You Supply Lists

I often get questions about exactly what to use for these mommy bracelets, so I collected a list of all you need right here. These are the supplies needed for a 2-strand Ruby Style Bracelet. All supplies from

Here are the quantities you'll need. (opens in new tab or window).

Hint: print this out to have it in front of you when you order


Mommy bracelet bead and finding order links are below:


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New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

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