Masculine Jewelry

by Lady Roots
(St. Elizabeth, Jamaica)

What beads, clasp types and stringing materials are best suited to masculine jewelry. Most beads and beaded pieces feel feminine.

Answers- see below

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Masculine Jewelry
by: Melissa Penwell, Irie Jewelry

I have made several men's pieces and have found that the rough look of semi-precious gemstone chips work well.

For a co-worker of my husband, I used turquoise chips and a rope-type toggle clasp. You can find a picture of this piece under the custom jewelry tab of my website www.iriejewelry.com.

I also made a necklace for my husband using black obsidian chips and three large onyx and sterling silver beads (about 14mm)as focal points in front. I used the same type of clasp.

Hope this helps and good luck!

re: Masculine Jewelry
by: Alastar Dragonfly

As a man, I tend to make and wear a lot of hemp, leather, and other heavy cording materials. As for stones, Turquise is always good, hematite is another good one. I use a lot of ocean/sea jasper, obsidian, tigereye, bone, wood and other natural materials. I tend to stick with silver, antique bronze, brass & copper, and kind of steer clear of gold, bright bronze, brass & copper and other bright and/or yellow type metals. I'm not sure why. I personally wear a LOT of copper for my arthritis and I tend to tie my other jewelry into and around that I guess.

I hope that there is a little help in there for you. ;o)

Thanks for the suggestions
by: Lady Roots

Thank you both for taking time to share this with me. I have no difficulties when asked to create jewelry for women or girls, but feel less secure when the piece is for a man or boy.

Masculine Rune Pendants
by: tim

I have been searching for masculine style rune pendants for quite some time. So far no luck.

Something weird has happened to the subject of rune jewelry in the last few years. Runes have been feminized. The only jewelry that seems to be available looks very feminine.

It seems to me that there has been a conscious attempt on the part of women to divest the Runes of any sort of masculine influence. I guess this is in keeping with the female driven Wicca phenomenon.

In fact, many of the female jewelry makers frequently, and purposely misinterpret the runes to give them a more female friendly meaning.

Some of the female jewelry makers have even gone as far as trying to link the runes to the signs of the Zodiac. This is historically inaccurate, these two systems do not overlap no matter how much the ladies wish they did.

The female jewelry makers often exclude two of the most important runes,because their is no way to eliminate their mostly male influence. These runes are Tyr, and Sigel.

I am not a metro-sexual, and never plan to be one. I am also not planning of bowing down to the goddess anytime soon. I'm just a guy looking for a masculine rune pendant I can wear with pride.

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