Marks Left by Tools

by Cathy Roberts
(Maui, HI)

When making spirals my pliers leave marks. I have tried to file them out, and tried to hammer them out.

I am using flat nosed pliers most of the time. I tried some pliers with plastic, but have trouble with it slipping.

Is this something we simply live with or am I missing something?

Thank you, Cathy

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Marks Left By Tools
by: Linda

Try tumbling it for an hour. But be careful of the stone if you have one on or in it. Things like turquoise and shell can't be tumbled.

Some people say you can if you limit the time, but take into account the price of your time and the price of the object before doing this with rocks with fishers in them and delicate objects like shells (some cameos are made out of shell).

Tool Magic
by: Silverlight/Whiteleaf

I too, use Tool Magic. It's brilliant stuff.

You can use it on any type of pliers and when it gets tatty and starts to wear through you simply peel it off your pliers and replace it with a new coating.

It's a much cheaper alternative to buying nylon-nose pliers.

Blue Painters Tape
by: Gail

Wrap your pliers with painters tape a couple of times on each side.

I always forget to put the Blue Magic Tool on before, so I grab the painters tape. Easy to do.

I hope this helps!

Marks Left by Tools
by: Pam

File the edges of your pliers so they aren't sharp and try not squeeze so hard.

If you are getting marks it is possible you need some new pliers. Are you using flat nosed pliers?

Mostly just practice.

Tool Magic for Non-Marking Pliers
by: Christine Gierer ~how-to-make-jewelry admin

I use this product called Tool Magic. It is a rubber coating, so all you do is dip in your plier tips and let it dry.

It doesn't last forever and you can easily remove the rubber whenever you want by peeling it off. This product is a lifesaver!

I got it from Amazon.com - I put the link below. Good luck!

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