Making Wire Jewelry

Making wire jewelry is so much more fun when you know exactly what you're doing - and what to do when things go wrong! 

Learn Basic Techniques

Learning some basic wire working will open you to limitless jewelry making possibilities!

I know, I know.  Learning the basics can be soooo tedious.  But you know what?  You can't run before you can walk.  I know as well as anyone that there is nothing more gratifying than transforming simple wire into a complex and intricate object of beauty.

But before you can make the intricate beauty bits, you need to learn some fundamentals about making wire jewelry.

About Wire

Wire is a really easy material to use, and its versatility is nothing short of amazing.  Using only wire and some hand-tools, you can make clasps, chains, dangles, findings, charms, beads, embellishments - there are limitless possibilities.  Did I mention I love making wire jewelry?

What do I need to get started?

toolsA few simple tools like flat and round-nosed pliers, a good wire cutter, and some sandpaper or a file are all you need to begin with. 

As you get more comfortable, you can graduate to some of the more specialized tools.

Ready to begin?

Here are some basics to get you started:

Jump Rings

How to Open and Close Jump Rings Properly
Learning how to open and close jump rings properly is one of the most basic and fundamental of all jewelry making techniques. Learn how to do this technique properly once and for all

What to do About Jump Ring Problems
Learn what to do about jump rings that keep opening and what to do when they don't close properly.

Cutting Wire

flush cut 1Flush Cutting Wire
Learn this basic, essential technique.Cut your wire wrong and you get a sharp point. Good for staking vampires maybe, but not so nice for jewelry making.

Wire Work Basics

How to Make a Simple Wire Loop (video tutorial)
Did you know that making the simple wire loop is often the most tricky to master?  This video shows 7 secrets to making a simple wire loop, perfectly formed, every single time. 

How to Make a Wrapped Loop
One of the most versatile of all basic wire working skills.  Learn how to make a wrapped loop and my top 3 reasons for loving the wrapped loop.

Eyepin Making
Want to learn making wire jewelry components? Start with some dangly bits. Learn how to make your own eyepins to hang stuff from other stuff.

Free Wire Gauge Cheat Sheet
Get confused about what wire gauge to use when making jewelry? What gauge do you use for making a bead link? What gauge is good for wire-wrapping? It's all here on this cheat sheet.

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Balled Wire Headpins

balled wire headpins
Making balled wire headpins is sooo easy, and kinda fun! These step by step instructions will walk you through it. Don't let the flame scare you. If you can cook something on the stove, you can do this.

Super Basic Headpins

Making a handmade headpin is easy and cost-effective. This page has instructions for a super-basic, easy to make headpin.

Knotted Headpin Knotted Wire Headpin

This beautiful knotted wire headpin looks hard to make, but it really isn't. Instructions courtesy of Donna Spadafore

Bead Links

bead linkSimple Bead Links

The humble bead link is a versatile component that is the cornerstone of many great pieces of jewelry.  Uses the simple wire loop, so if you get into trouble, see the simple wire loop video

Other Findings

earring wiresHow to Make Earring Wires

A real honest to goodness tutorial on making your own earring wires.  Why buy when you can make them yourself quickly and easily?

Wire Weaving Techniques

basic weaving techniques Wire Weaving Techniques: The Basic Weave

New wire weavers, start with this tutorial. These wire weaving techniques are the most basic ones you'll need on your wire weaving journey.

Basic Weaving Adding New Wire How to Add a New Wire: Wire Weaving Basics

How to add a new wire - that was a question I remember having when I started wire wrapping. Here's a tutorial showing you how to add one cleanly and neatly.

Basic Weaving Adding A Bead Wire Weaving With Beads: How to Add a Bead

Wire weaving with beads adds a little extra je ne sais quoi, n'est ce pas? Here's how to add beads to your wire weaving.

Making Wire Rings

Measure Ring Shank How To Measure for a Wire Ring Shank

Ring shank wire measuring can be tricky. This tutorial teaches a very simple way to measure the length of wire needed for the shank when making a wire wrapped ring.

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