Looking for Glass Pendants / Vessels

Ribbon Art Pendant

Ribbon Art Pendant

I am a Ribbon and Fiber Artist. I create wall art but also little ribbon and glass jewelry art pendants in which I place my ribbon design between two pieces of glass and then foil and hand-solder it together to "make" the frame. I then apply an aanakru pendant bail and finish it with a SS chain.

I am looking to get out of the tedious business of hand-soldering and find a ready-made "vessel" that is glass and silver plated in which to showcase my artwork.

It can have glass on both the back and front or only on the front with a closed back but since there is depth to the ribbon picture design I need a "vessel" that allows for this.

I can't use resin or liquid on the top of the ribbons and fibers (like in a pendant "tray")because it drastically changes the color of the ribbon. Any suggestions would sure be appreciated.

Solving this problem would allow me to create more and leave the "mechanics" up to some one else.

I would be a loyal customer.

Please help-------Wende

A sample of my work is attached so you can see what I'm talking about.

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