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How to Make a Larks Head Knot

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The larks head knot (LH) is a really easy method for attaching your cords to a clasp, jump ring, or other finding at the beginning of a knotted jewelry project.

larks head knot



Here are instructions for making an LH over a piece of dowelling:

lark's head knot fig. 1 lark's head knot fig. 2 lark's head knot fig. 3
  1. Fold your length of hemp twine or other cord in half at the center.

  2. Take the fold and slide it over the dowelling and pull it down a bit so that you can see the loop below the dowelling as in Fig. 1.

  3. Take the two ends of your cord and pass them through the loop made by the fold of the cord as in Fig. 2

  4. Pull tight, and you have just made 1 LH.  It should look like Fig.3

How To Use the LH to Attach One Half of a Clasp

To attach one half of a clasp, you follow the exact same method as described above, except instead of folding the cord over a dowel, you slip the end through the hole of the clasp.

Here's what you do step by step:

  1. Find the centre of your cord or twine and fold in half as in step 1 above.

  2. Take the fold and string it through the hold of the clasp an inch or so.  You will have a loop similar to Fig. 2 above.

  3. Take the two ends of the cord or twine and slip them through the loop.

  4. Pull tight.

Note: You can use a lark's head knot to attach a clasp at the start of a project only.  To attach the other end of the clasp you'll need to choose a different attachment method.

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