Knotting Between Pearls?

by Angie

I have seen directions on how to make a knot between each "pearl" for a classy necklace, but I've managed to lose the directions..

I remember you have to use something like a crochet hook to form the knots.

I wonder, though, has anyone come up with anything that would be equally as secure but way easier? Putting smaller beads between the larger ones doesn't work-the finish wears off.

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Pearl Knotting -youtube
by: Shirley

Might take some practice and a little skill and dexterity. But you won't need any tools.
Watch this.


What I use for knotting between pearls
by: Amanda

First I make a knot then I use a sewing needle to possition the knot where I want it. Then I use beading tweezers to tighten the knot. It's pretty easy and very secure. Hope that helps. :)

Instead of Knotting
by: Silverlox

There is a product called Bead Bumpers. They are little spacer "beads", but made out of some type of silicone or rubber. They are meant to be place between pearls instead of knots and prevent the pearls from rubbing against each other.

Sorry, can't remember where I found them, but if you google Beads Bumpers, I'm sure you'll find them.

Hope that helps! :-D

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