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Knotting, Hemp Jewelry, and Macrame Jewelry Ask and Answer

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Hemp TwineFor any and all knot related questions

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Making Macrame' Rings  
I would like to know if you have a tutorial on how to make the macrame ring that is shown on your site and designed by Amira Mednick Thank you San …

Hemp Bracelets 
How do I start a hemp bracelet?

How To Braid 6 Different Colors? 
Hi, I'm trying to replicate this bracelet using 6 colors of hemp. Hopefully someone can tell me what type of knot to use and send me in the direction …

Knotted Beaded Bracelet 
I can't find out to make this bracelet anywhere....any help?

Beaded Three Row Wrap Bracelet 
Does anyone know how to make this wrap. I know that it's a simple square knot but how do I weave the other rows?

Are There Different Types Of Hemp? 
Are there different types of hemp bracelets because I'm getting really tired of just doing square knots over and over and over and over again. Please …

Adding Thread When Doing A Chan Luu Bracelet 
When doing a 3 or 4 wrap bracelet, my beading thread runs out and I can`t seem to find a clean way to knot one thread and add another to keep going with …

Hemp Wrapped Ball Chain 
I would like a hemp wrapped ball chain necklace, but don't know what kind of knot to use.

What Does SK & OH Mean? 
What does SK and OH mean? How do you do it?

How Do You Tie A Stone In Macrame? 
Hi, I really have to know how to tie a stone in macrame. I'm looking for it all over asking people and no one can help me! If you can help me I …

How to Make Macrame Ring 
Hi there! I recently stumbled upon a picture of some macrame rings that I would LOVE to figure out how to do. Then I stumbled upon your site and it …

How to Add a Shark Tooth 
I have string which I plan to make a friendship bracelet out of, but I want to add a shark tooth to it? I don’t want to make hole in tooth, though. …

Wrapping Stones 
I have searched all over the internet on how to wrap stones when using hemp for macrame. I found one result but it looked like fishing net surrounding …

Knotting Techniques: Chinese Button Knot 
How do you make a Chinese button knot?

How to Make This Knot...? 
For the life of me I cannot find instructions for making the knot pictured in the attachment. Not sure of the name of the knot, I have googled just …

Chan Luu Hemp Bracelet  
I noticed that you had instruction on here on how to make the chan luu leather wrap bracelet so i thought i would ask about how to make her hemp looking …

Square Knot  
How do I make a square knot?

Backwards knot 
how do you make a backward/forward knot for doing a 1212 bracelet?

Friendship Bracelet with Music Notes 
How do I make a bracelet with the music notes on it? I've searched and I keep coming into forums with links that does not help me much:/

How to Make the Links Of London Gold & Black Double Wrap friendship Bracelet? 
It is a very nice piece,but totally expensive for me....I just want to ask if someone knows the pattern that it is used in order to make it! I would …

How to knot leather 
This question may have been asked and answered already, but I can't find it if it has. I love making leather (smooth corded type) necklaces and bracelets, …

Friendship Bracelet with Initials - Need Help 
I'm trying to make a bracelet for a guy whose friend passed away and he wants to wear it to honor him. He is wanting it in only 2 colors with his friends …

Extending a hemp neckalce 
My husband received a hemp necklace from a friend that went on vacation. The necklace is too tight. Is it possible to extend?

Knotting Between Pearls? 
I have seen directions on how to make a knot between each "pearl" for a classy necklace, but I've managed to lose the directions.. I remember you have …

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Hobble Knots 
I'm trying to make a bracelet that finishes with a knot similar to the one in the picture below. I actually saw it on a set of hobbles and have been trying …

How to Make a Ballerina Friendship Bracelet? 
How do you make a ballerina shaped friendship bracelet?

How to Make Macrame Bead Bracelet? 
Can anyone tell me how to make this hand woven bracelet from Chan Luu?

What Is A Knotting Board? 
Hi, What is a knotting board and do I need one? Thanks so very much. Pat

Friendship Bracelet - Monster Pattern? 
I'm trying to make a friendship bracelet which looks like the Monster energy symbol in the picture attached. I do not even know where to start! Any …

How to Make a Cross? 
How do you make a cross?

How to Add Beads With Small Holes to Hemp Project? 
I would love to add some beads to a hemp necklace that I'm making, but all my large beads have holes that are too small to fit on the project. I also …

Pearl Knotting ~ Finishing 
Can someone please help me figure out how this is done? It looks like two silk cords are used. I can get two cords through the pearl but to finish …

How to Make Forward and Backwards Knots (Friendship Bracelets) 
How do you make forward and backward knots?

Silk Knot 
I have a string of beautiful deep purple ameth. I would like to string them like pearls. I was looking for help on that, or should I take a class …

Leather Bracelet? 
I want to make a leather bracelet like this one... Answer from Christine ~how-to-make-jewelry How to Make a Leather Bracelet This leather …

Hemp Stone Wrap 
I make Hemp jewelery with beads at the moment but I really want to wrap semi precious stones in a hemp net and am stuck on how to do it, have been trying …

Am I Braiding My Hemp The Wrong Way? 
I make a lot of hemp jewelry and I'm pretty good at it, but lastly I have been noticing that as I braiding square knots the two outside cords are becoming …

What Kind of "Braiding" is This? 
I'd like to know the answer to this question asked by another reader. This style braid looks similar to one I've seen done with beads, and the result …

What kind of "braiding" is this? 
I bought this bracelet from H&M, mostly cause I was interested in making them myself, with the closing-techinque you did with the bubblegum bracelet. …

How do you make ribbon jewelry? 
I want to know how you knit the bracelets, chains and earrings made of ribbons, wires, beads etc. in different ways. Thank you in advance.

Hemp knot 
Hi there, is it possible you can show me step-by-step of how this knot is made, i have attached picture of the knot thank you!

Instructions on Slider Closures 
I have a photo of a bracelet that I would love how to make the "slider closure". I don't know if that is the correct name or not. Is there any way …

How to Tie a Knot Using a Stretch String  
I was wondering how to tie a knot using a stretch string?

Ending a Bracelet 
I saw a macrame bracelet with square knots. To tie off it also used square knots with 2 strings through it in opposite directions like an adjustable knot. …

Music Notes Friendship Bracelet 
Hi there, How do I make a friendship bracelet with music notes as shown on the friendship bracelet site?

How Do You Make an Adjustable Hemp Necklace Without a Clasp? 
I have a necklace that has either leather or hemp and it is adjustable, i am looking to replicate this. Please help, I know that it is done in a series …

How to Do the Zig-Zag Knot? 
I have been looking on the web for instructions on how to do the Zig-Zag Knot, in making a Hemp necklace. Does anyone know how to do this? If so I …

How To Make Hemp Bracelets 
I really like hemp bracelets, but I don't know how to make them. I've searched many sources but I haven't found out the instructions yet. If anyone …

Maori Cord Wrapping Instructions? Not rated yet
How do i wrap "maori" cord on stone. I need step by step directions

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What Length of Silk Cord Do I Need for This Bracelet? Not rated yet
Hi, I am a beginner to crafting my own 4 bead/strand of single knot bracelet. I am using 8 mm silk cord. How long do I need to cut each of 4 strands …

How do you do the Butterfly Knot Not rated yet
The butterfly knot... How do you make it into a wearable bracelet? I don't like flashy so I wanna keep it simple

Looking For A Pattern For This Bracelet Not rated yet
I can't seem to find one anywhere. Thanks for whatever help you can offer.

Chinese Pan Chang Loopy Version Not rated yet
Does anyone know how to weave the version of Pan Chang knot shown in the pic? I can't find instructions for this one.

Alternative Paracord Bracelet Clasp  Not rated yet
I am trying to make a paracord bracelet where the inner strands are like a loop and where the bracelet is tied, there is a loop on each end. I plan …

Using Hemp With Fishing Wire? Not rated yet
I was observing some hemp necklaces I bought from Florida and I noticed that the little beads and shells they used are strung with some sort of thin wire, …

Hemp Necklace Metal Clasp Not rated yet do I use a metal clasp to start and end my hemp necklace? My starting loop is too BIG. Haven't finished it yet, almost there.

No Twisting! Not rated yet
How do I make a friendship bracelet without it twisting?

Name Bracelet Not rated yet
I found a name bracelet pattern generator. What does the down arrow mean?

Macrame Cuff Bracelet Not rated yet
How do you make a macrame cuff bracelet?

Securing A Stone In Macrame Not rated yet
How do I fix or position a stone in a macrame necklace when the stone does not have a hole?

How To Make Words On Friendship Bracelets? Not rated yet
Hi. I love to make friendship bracelets. I can make a bunch of different types, but I cant make words. Can you tell me how? Thanks

Stretch Magic-How Do You Tie A Knot With It? Not rated yet
I bought a metal stretch bracelet, and the stretchy cord broke. So, I am trying to put it back together, and it is more difficult than I thought. I …

Can Macrame Get Wet? Not rated yet
I just received a macrame bracelet with glass beads and sterling silver beads. The color is black. Can this bracelet safely get wet with no bleeding …

Slipknot Not rated yet
How do you tie a slip knot for putting the bracelet on my wrist?

How much string... Not rated yet
How much string should I use to make a macrame bracelet?

Knotting Not rated yet
How do I make the knots on the necklaces that I'm going to sell last?

Knot's Stuck! Not rated yet
What if I get a knot in it and I can't get it out?

Back Knot Not rated yet
How do you make the back stitch in the v?

Friendship Bracelets: Advanced Friendship Bracelet LOOPS Not rated yet
While making an advanced friendship bracelet, after making all of your backwards knots, how do you loop the thread over? It says: "Keep going until …

hemp suppliers Not rated yet
Who is a good hemp supplier? I would like for them to have a wide selection of colors.

How to Put Knots into Barrel Clasps? Not rated yet
How do you put knots into barrel clasps. There are no connectors outside the clasp. I have a necklace that I have to restring and it has a barrel clasp, …

Inverse CHEVRON Not rated yet
I have a question for the Inverse Chevron! It says that for step 7 (Continue steps 4 – 6 until you reach the desired length) do we do the same string (cream) …

Friendship bracelet sizing Not rated yet
I was wondering how to figure out how much string to use if making a friendship bracelet using the chinese staircase or candy stripe. I would also like …

Hemp necklace for I.D. cards Not rated yet
Looking for instructions to make a hemp and bead necklace for attaching I.D. cards. It has a small ring at the end for attaching the card.

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where do you find the knotted band friendship bracelets? they look cooler than the page with the candy striped ones and chevron ones.

Inverse alternating chevron Not rated yet
I am trying to make an inverse alternating chevron bracelet, but my threads after I finished the 4th row (using 8 strings total) are the same color as …

my strings on the friendship bracelet aren't lining up Not rated yet
How can i get my strings while making a friendship bracelet to line up ex; i was doing a black row and the color i would knot the black on would show that …

More Detailed Friendship Bracelet Directions? Not rated yet
I don't know if I'm just uncoordinated or have a creativity disability but it seems like every time I try to make a friendship bracelet it ends up in knots! …

How to Make a Josephine Knot? Not rated yet
Please show how to make a Josephine Knot.

How Much String to Use for Bracelet? Not rated yet
How much string should you use to make a friendship bracelet?

Friendship Bracelets Not rated yet
I've never tried making friendship bracelets before so I like to know the easiest pattern to do and how to do it? Thanks

More Easy Bracelet Patterns? Not rated yet
Do you know how to make any more easy friendship bracelet patterns like the Chinese staircase?

Friendship Bracelet Patterns Not rated yet
What different friendship making designs are there?

An Easy Pattern Good For Young Girls? Not rated yet
Hey to everyone, I normally on each Christmas make something for the daughters of the people I work with. I try to stimulate their interest in "homemade" …

Adding Hemp Not rated yet
If I am making a bracelet out of hemp but I run out of it, how do I add on more hemp to finish my bracelet?

Square Bodied Macrame Cross Pattern Not rated yet
Some years ago a student showed me a square bodied macrame cross. I would like to find a pattern for the cross so that I can teach it to my kids in …

Butterfly Knot Not rated yet
How do i make a butterfly knot out of hemp twine?

Problem With Knotting The Candy Stripe Or Zig Zag Not rated yet
Hey there...thanks for your nice instructions...but i have always had problem,knotting the sidelong bracelets like candy stripe or zig zag because it gets …

Cord Wrapping on Stone Not rated yet
How do you do the cord wrapping as found on the top of Maori jade pendants? It seems to cross over itself as a figure 8 but I don't think it would …

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